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Ben Basson

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Warum wurde "Foobar Controls" geschaffen?

I am a long time Foobar2000 user and wanted a quick, no-nonsense way to control it from within Firefox.

If you think this add-on is useful, please donate the price of a coffee / beer to say thanks! I really appreciate all donations as I do all of this work in my spare time.

Was kommt als nächstes für Foobar Controls

I'd like to make the default icons look better. I get requests for displaying the current song in a tooltip, I might be able to do this, it depends on what the vanilla installation of Foobar gives me to work with, I'm not considering requiring a Foobar plugin just for that.

Über den Entwickler

Name Ben Basson
Ort London
Beruf Lead Developer, Fivium
Homepage http://www.basson.at/
Benutzer seit March 5, 2007
Anzahl der entwickelten Add-ons 6 Add-ons
Durchschnittliche Bewertung der Add-ons des Entwicklers Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

Wer ist Ben Basson?

Since 2004, I've been writing Firefox extensions as hobby projects to solve feature gaps or problems that I've had with the browser, and I hope to continue doing so in my spare time for the foreseeable future.

Professionally, I'm a Lead Developer working for Fivium in London, using Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, XML and web-tier technologies.