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  • Works great! Dev tools used to have this functionality but now no way to tell exactly what font in the stack is being used without something like this. Thank you!
  • Useful to find font information.
  • There are some other tools like e.g. FontsInfos who work much smarter because they have an overlay instead of a seperate window. Nevertheless I use this tool too, because it shows the p and h tags. That's very nice.

    Thank you for this addon.
  • Simply AMAZING!! This addon is doing a Great job!! As a graphic designer it has helped me a lot!! I select/Highlight only the Text or the word I want and right click it can find me the correct font. and after I search it on Google to find free websites to download the specific font! EXCELLENT JOB guys!!! 5 stars!! :-)
  • Thank you.
  • I'm so disappointed that the "analyze selection" botton is hidden in the second menu. It's very inconvenient.
  • Great tool