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  • I trust this developer. He or she was thoughtful and communicated with users. Also, this is simple, robust work. It made text appear black instead of greyed out, like this page requires. Which is stupid. Therefore, I'd bet it's a smartphone stupidity thing.

    It seems you have to click the icon on each page opened, which is fine. Firefox 71.0 64 bit.
    Thank you. You don't have to click the icon everytime, in the options you can check "Activate on all websites".
  • It's not working anymore in Firefox 71.
  • Great addon for blurry Windows 10, 5 stars absolutely!
  • Wonderful for old eyes. Dramatic increase in text darkening. Also can adjust font size, boldness, more within Firefox sourced websites. Much needed with current crop of default fine, light print operating systems.
    Running Android 10 on Google Pixel
  • I sometimes browse or read on an e-ink tablet screen, which feels nicer for my eyes especially for long form reading. Unfortunately sometimes the font uses a lighter gray color and so is harder to read even if on a white background. That's where this extension helps. It makes the page text much easier to read by bolding it among other things. Very useful on a screen type where more contrast is welcome. Thanks!
  • Life saver! Using it to work with web based zendesk. Could not see anything on their pages.
  • v1.5.3 now very useful, eases reading.
    settings export/import would be a nice option.
  • Nice little add-on, but a bit limited. Can only target grey text and not less-contrast text of other colors. Does not deal with text that are too small, or link colors. I'd suggest the "Text Legibility" addon instead.
    Thanks for the feedback :) I will look into implementing some of the features you mentioned.
  • Thank You So Much Dear "Firefox user 13187237" , For This Brilliant addon , this is , one of the best needed addons in the whole internet.
  • it helps, tnks
  • Perfect for cooking websites, expecially for johnny sins one ;)!
  • Awesome man, works well on pornhub & xxx.com

    Great job mate :)!
  • Nice add-on except that the "Skip links", "Skip headers" options are broken as of Firefox 62? When enabled for all sites, it works but all headers and links turn black.
    All good here. Try uninstalling and reinstalling, the app might malfunction if you have updated.
    If the issue persists, stay tuned as I'll be pushing an update (1.3.3) that addresses an issue with "Skip links" soon.
  • Fantastic. Thank you for this add-on. It's exactly what I needed.
  • 5 Stars. This add-on is the best option in Firefox Quantum for correcting the flawed design of websites that feature barely visible grey text. An alternate add-on with the same objective exists, but it is quite buggy in post-57 Firefox.

    The introduction of the blacklist feature in version 1.3.1 further cements Font Contrast as the best add-on of its kind. Thanks to the developer for the response to my previous review, in which I had requested this feature.

    With regard to the comment by Joy, below:

    The icon in the address bar can be hidden (right-click it and select appropriately). Thereafter, right-click the Firefox titlebar, select "Customize..." and drag the Font Contrast icon among your other add-ons. If you ever restart your Firefox with add-ons disabled, you'll have to redo the part about hiding the address bar icon, as doing so will restore the icon. Ultimately, though, what you want is easily done.

  • It does seem to solve the problem of the idiotic light fonts on light background, which 20 year olds with excellent eyesight think is cool. I await the day they can't read a page because of their own code. One problem, though. The icon is right next to the URL and before the "bookmark this page" icon, and is apparently unmovable. I'd rather have it over with my other addons, which I keep to the right of the search bar. Right now it's cluttering my address bar.