3.374 Bewertungen für dieses Add-on
  • Not working on YouTube again....
  • super
  • Great addons
  • Very good for downloading streaming videos !
  • Works for the most part but sometimes fails to compile the final video and you end up with a corrupted main file and a _tmp_ folder with thousands of small .ts files. Is this a bug? If so, please fix!
    Also, no matter which dowload folder i pick it keeps creating _tmp_ folder on disk C: which makes Windows super slow and unusable during the download as it creates tons of small files in that folder.
  • With this enabled I am unable to upload or paste any photos to Facebook, as soon as I disable this add-on, it all works fine for me, I hope you can fix it, so you get 5 stars again!
  • really helpful to get your videos offline
  • Rápido y fácil de usar.
  • Not sure what's up, but have been unable to DL any content from YT for at least a month now. The little thingy doesn't turn blue; it is not detecting any streams.

    Used to be a great extension.
  • Excelente extensão. Baixa realmente vídeos do YouTube.
  • Good Ad on
  • Easy to use and works! :)
  • Good but can't download YouTube videos embedded in websites and also lacks attractive UI design.
  • I have yet to find a you tube video I can't download. I don't think I've had problems DL'ing and Video.
  • good
  • Very Good. But Sometimes the title is changed.
  • плагин перестал скачивать ролики с ютьюба, к примеру https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=15&v=8wj9UMINTcU или https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=27&v=GGOLvdGbx2g
  • Awesome! Easy to us with good options.
  • Outstanding
  • good!
  • cool
  • ok
  • Good one!
  • N/A
  • Used to work great for video downloading but has some unwanted side effects that render Firefox completely unusable. Happened to me once when I could not point my finger on it but then I could reproduce this starting any C64 game from https://archive.org/details/softwarelibrary_c64&tab=collection - afterwards even trying to reload a tab wouldn't work.