30 Bewertungen für dieses Add-on
  • I love this theme. but it won't let me use it on the updated firefox.
  • Tento doplněk je sice fajn,ale díky němu mi velice často padá celá Mozilla :-( .
    Na pohled se mi moc líbí,to zase jo.
  • As I said before: your Themes are the best. And I have viewed many of them in the past couple of days ;)

    Again 5 Stars from me :)
  • I love this theme very nice
    Thank you for the support I'm glad you like what I have created.

    I will be releasing this on Firefox 4 soon and look forward to your feedback
  • This is a well put together Add-on, very
    sophisticated. I am wrapped in that song
    Pretty Flamingo. Thanks you Guy's.
    Thank you for your support, I am glad you like flaminglow.
    This theme will be my hardest for Firefox 4 for a number of technical reasons.
    I'll be looking forward to your feedback.
  • I like the gorgeous colors and I'm a fan of flamingos. Two suggestions: I would find it a bit easier to read if the address boxes were a solid pink and if there was a bit more contrast in the buttons. That would help as far as my eyesight goes but you've done a great job! This is certainly a welcome theme for us 'mingo lovers!
    Thank you for your suggestions, I can see what you mean now that you pointed it out.
    I'll work on this for my next release which I plan to be on Firefox 4 as well as 3.
  • i really really like it alot! thanks!
  • i really like it alot!
  • WOW, I can't believe how beautiful this is. GREAT JOB
  • This is really pretty! I like this one. Very feminine and soft.
  • Terrible. You cannot even see anything.
  • god I just found this one after updating to 3.5.
    I hope you update the flaminglow...its gorgeous!
  • Any one who cares to know I like wild things like Lions - Tigers - Dragons - and Fantasy
  • sadly, i couldn't add this, because for some strange reason it isn't supported by the older version of firefox. i attempted to upgrade but this caused my file manager to crash!
  • i like it
  • It was elegant but the dark color of the buttons on the browser bar were harsh on my eyes. I uninstalled it but had a problem getting my computer to connect to the internet. Eventually, I gave up and got assistance.
  • I love the soothing pink. You did a great job on this.
  • Just adorable! Gonna suggest it to Mom in Florida. Downloaded quick and easy too!
  • i love it!
  • its wonderful!
  • Love it! Great job!
  • I love it! It's so original.Thank you!
  • This background completes my collection of colors to match my desktops. AND it's a great theme. Works well with the applications I use.
  • i can't rate it , because i can't download it .....
    Hopefully it is just a connection issue - please try again from my website on this page http://glowplug.bitasylum.net/content.jsp?gid=6&pid=49
    Otherwise I am happy to email it to you.