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  • This add-on is a very useful one for me.
  • So many options, so easy to use.
  • I love it!
  • its clear and easy to use and just like anything else!!!!Read...I Love it...
  • the absolute badd a$$ extension..... very helpful,....Thank You!
  • Perfecto!
  • This extension is an indispensable tool for IT audit.
  • I use it 30 days now and it's very-very useful to me!
  • From the top left to the bottom right, there is a small picture in the lower right corner that will change the content of the pictures. When the screenshot is finished, the picture is transformed. When I open the pictures, I find that the content of the small pictures is intercepted.
    Expanding the scope of this situation will not occur. This is a minor problem that does not affect use.
  • Great and intuitive! Thank you!