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  • Great for debugging large scripts. Having the ability to color your Javascript code in the inspector is a nice add-on.
  • I was using this add-on for quiet a wile an it was great one day I payed attention that the text in the script windows is doubled.
    It's like there is a stuck ghost script text on top of the real text.
    Unfortunately it makes this add-on unusable.
  • Work with firebug 1.12.6 on firefox 26.0
    The highlight is in Script tab NOT HTML tab.
  • Thank you for this awesome plugin.
    It works with Firebug 1.11. Proof -> http://puu.sh/324IJ.png
  • The idea is great, should be implemented inside firebug, sad that doesn't work on newest firebugs (1.11).
  • Not working with Firebug 1.11.
    Not even their test page http://firerainbow.binaryage.com/test/ works.
  • ... in my environment at the event of a breakpoint neither the line of code nor the running script get the focus in the script window of firebug. So you have to search for breakpoints in maybe several scripts. Though I really liked the rainbow syntax hilighting I deactivated this addon for that.
  • Blocks script tabs.
    Even small scripts make firefox block input for a second, until the syntax is colored.
    If this addon would be asynchronous it would be useful. But like this - can’t use it at all. For bigger scripts it blocks several seconds.
  • Cool in concept, but with large JS files that switch back and forth with breakpoints, the display gets totally WHACKED out and usable.
  • I must to disable it! yes, it doesn't color the javascript code. However, there always have 40% chance the get duplicate display, which make you can't see the code clearly! The more important thing is it cause the javascript code never update after I change it in NetBeans!! I have to disable it to make my code work!!
  • Does not with Firebug 1.9.2. Very disappointing. Would be a superb add-on if it actually worked.
  • First of all when I just start FireBug - nothing happened, no colors. After that text start blinking to color and back - ugly by itself. Third surprise happened when I switch to other script edit - old text and new text on one screen aria and all blinking.
  • Works as advertised. Seems pretty fast with decently large files.
  • Works great in the script window, but not at all in the html window, which is where I mostly look at javascript.
  • Excelent!.
  • Works wonderfully! Makes debugging much more friendly.
  • Hi. I'm trying to uninstall FR, but it is not listed in the add-ons to do so. How can I uninstall it? I'm getting mixed up code in script area! (FF 5.0) Thank you.
    I was not able to see "my add-ons" button at the top. I unistalled it 'cause I was getting mixed up code in script area. FF 5.0
  • Good job! Very useful!
  • 5star!
  • Please update for Firefox 5.
  • Please update for Firefox 5.
  • Works great! http://firerainbow.binaryage.com/ says it can work with firefox 4.0, and I can confirm this. Would you mind bumping it up "officially" so that it's easier for people to install in ff4?

    Also, perhaps having webworkers (or whatever it is they're called) incrementally update 20 or so lines before and after the current position of the script? That'd allow people who just slowly scroll through it to never notice it updating at all :)
  • Please make version for FF4 and FireBug 1.7
    Thanks in advance.
  • It's good idea, looks good but leaks of memory makes this addon unusable. And I can't wait for 3 min every time I open javascript file. Removed.