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Warum wurde "FireMath" geschaffen?

If you work in science you probably know LaTeX. LaTeX is gorgeous; enabling scientific authoring in an unrivaled way. Nevertheless, I got the feeling that LaTeX is somewhat outdated. It doesn't support the clear separation between content and style that modern standards imply. Editing complex equations can become a tedious job. An alternative might be the combination of DocBook and MathML. Nevertheless, it seems we have a 'chicken or egg' problem here. For the alternative to succeed we need good (platform independent) editors and support of the format by publishers.

This is not that I expect to revolutionize scientific publishing, but at least FireMath is a platform independent equation editor generating MathML. MathML is the standard for publishing equations on the Web. I hope FireMath will be useful to many people (especially in science) and is as easy to handle as it can be.

Was kommt als nächstes für FireMath

Now, that copy/paste is implemented and reading MathML from disk works, the next big thing is to make 'undo' possible. Also, an efficient way to publish equations on the Internet seems to be among the reachable goals.

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