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Environment: Ubuntu 12.09, Firefox: 27.0.1, FireGestures 1.8.3

Firstly, I really loved this extension, and appreciate the hard work. However, over recent months, I believe it has become very buggy.

For several months, firefox would intermittently lose the custom toolbar I'd created. Thankfully I could usually resolve this by restarting firefox. However, every 2 weeks or so, it would totally lose the toolbar, and there was no way to recover it other than to manually recreate it. After having to do this over 10 times, it became extremely annoying.

Yesterday, even recreating the toolbar didn't work - on restart it would be lost, so I was left with no option other than to work out the root cause (firefox without toolbars is useless, imo). After hours of troubleshooting, I eventually isolated the issue to firegestures.

Update (11 Mar 2014): After a few weeks without this extension, the toolbar issue is still resolved.

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firegestures version?

Please tell me the version of FireGestures.
I know that only the version 1.8.3 has the bug you mentioned.