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Hi,It seems that there is a conflict with the plugin X-Marks (from LastPass).Any suggestion/plan to fix this?Am I the only one with this bug?Thanks for you wonderful plugin!!!
I rechecked everything in order to give you as much details as possible, and realized that it is in conflict with X-Marks 4.2.0 AND Web Developper 1.2.4. If I activate only one of them, Firegesture works like a charm. If both are activated, it doesn't work. Strange!
OS: Win7 pro
FF: 20.0.1 french
FireGesture: 1.7
Problem: Can't do any gesture with right-click (havn't test anything else). All I see in FF Error Console are errors related to Web Developper, which appear even if FireGesture is disabled.

Thanks for you support!

Diese Bewertung wurde für eine vorherige Version des Add-ons (1.7.1-signed) abgegeben. 

need more info

I need more info.
* OS
* Firefox version
* FireGestures version
* What's the conflict?