Great alternative to FileZilla Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

This is a great little addon for replacing dedicated FTP programs like FileZilla. It supports resuming downloads, which is the main reason I downloaded it. Nice and fast, and it’s good to have it built into a browser.

One thing I’ve tried, but not been able to do so far, is to create a desktop shortcut in Windows that will open FireFTP. I’ve tried adding a shortcut to Firefox with "chrome://fireftp/content/fireftp.xul" as a parameter, but that doesn’t open anything at all (Firefox doesn’t even start). Would be great to figure this out!

Update: I’ve found that I can create a new profile in Firefox, set the homepage in the new profile to FireFTP, then create a desktop shortcut to the new profile like "firefox.exe -p fireftp". This works great, and I can also disable all the toolbars, tab bar, etc so it makes FireFTP look like a standalone program!

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