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Hi,I Updated to 2.0.10 the other day, this has removed the chain link icon. But I'm still unable to upload or download any files. It has now been two weeks I've been without fireFTP and this is causing me serious problems (harassment from the boss). Please if anyone could give me any help.This is the error that keeps coming up:Error message= ReferenceError: trans is not definedURL= chrome://fireftp/content/js/etc/dragDrop.jsLine Number= 40

Any help appreciated.

After looking at other posts regarding version 2.0.10, I have just re-installed version 2.0.7. I now have my ftp back up and running. I hope this helps anyone else who are still having problems.


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Hello Julianne,
Thanks for the bug report - I will try to get this fixed in the next version. You can track progress here: https://github.com/mimecuvalo/fireftp/issues/13