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  • very usefull
  • Useful addon.
    Thank you for making Free Software!
  • Helped me fix my annoying status bar but doesn't seem to completely save addon bar as I want it to stay.
    Default FF messes up the bar every time I restart, at least this addon keeps it a bit neater.
  • it can move complete status bar
    but it can't move single icon on status bar..
  • Very nice! There is not much I can really say the name says it all already.

    Try installing it on a clean Firefox profile with no add-ons except UI Fixer if it works you'll know one of your add-ons is conflicting with it. If so it's just a matter of checking them one by one.

    Close Firefox
    Press your windows key.
    In the search box type " run " and press enter.
    Paste this " firefox.exe -p " and hit enter no quotes.
  • Simple tweaks that are mostly what youd expect to be standard in FF but arent, and im most impressed with the ability to move and shrink the menu dropdown to the search bar. Too much space is taken by that and the window minimize/expand/close, luckily another addon fixes that called Hide Captions Titlebar Plus

    btw theres a pretty huge conflict between UI Fixer and another addon called TotalToolbar which you get at mozdev.org explained in my post http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?p=13188677#p13188677 (its a workaround for a bug where you cant save custom toolbars, and does similar things to UI Fixer generally)
  • Does not work in my FF 24. After checking boxes, going to customize toolbar only brings up the standard FF options to add extra icons.
  • For a moment I thought you'd fixed the annoying way that some add-on icons just can't be moved. Interestingly though those particular icons can now be dragged around as a block :-)

    Anyway this is still a wonderful add-on, it's allowed me shift the FF menu to my tabs bar which along with MenuMod has made my browsing so much tidier.

    Excellent, many many thanks.
  • Super!

    I installed UI Fixer 1.4.4 OK in Firefox 18 on a Windows 7 64 computer.

    With UI Fixer 1.4.4 I was able to move the entire add-on toolbar to the top of the page and also move an icon off of the add-on toolbar.

    This is such a great program for managing toolbars and their icons.

    Thank you.
  • Awesome, finally I can move the add-on bar.
  • Great must-have add-on!
  • Good Luck fix~!!!
    Move Status Bar Icons, Firefox Menu Button and Menu Bar to any toolbar :)
    Status Bar Icons can not move is Firefox built-in Bug~!
    Extensions take the nice name :P
  • The other reviewers pretty much said it. I gave it a try looking for a replacement for the abandoned Organize Status Bar but it only can remove all of the icons or nothing rendering it virtually useless. I tried it both in Freezefox and Palemoon with identical results.
  • I am able to move my Status bar icons, but only as a group. Would be much better, if we are able to move them individually.
  • With this add-on, I moved the bookmarks toolbar behind the entries of the menu bar. Then I changed the icons of my bookmark(let)s there to symbols with the add-on "Bookmark Favicon Changer". After erasing the title of the bookmark(let)s and adding some placeholders, I now have a new symbolic toolbar and am finally using the forgotten space in my menu bar!

    At the moment, I have the following new "tools": remove redirects, increment and decrement last number in URL, open linked images in new window, make numbered list of images, open (selected) links, target new bg windows, router configuration, PrintWhatYouLike, about:config.

    See screenshot below to know how it can look:

    Icons (free) from:
  • I really like this add-on and have used it successfully but it seems "half broken" now. In the bottom-right of my status bar I have only Simple Timer, Gmail Watcher and Ghostery (in that order). I want Gmail Watcher last (Yesterday it was last but not this morning. ??!) When I try to use UI Fixer to put Gmail Watcher in last position UI Fixer moves the three icons as a group, not individually. Now Ghostery won't move using it's limited placement capability in it's options panel. I've used UI Fixer successfully in the past to solve these issues but now it's moving things as a group and not individually.

    I'm using PaleMoonX64 12.1 on Win7
  • Does exactly what it says...

    For the devs sake:
    OS = Win Server 08 R2 x64
    Browser = FF 11
  • Works perfectly! Can you add an option to remove that firefox logo?
  • i used it and did it's job great.
  • Good add-on!
    I needed an option to move or customize add-on icons in status bar.
    The new add-on bar is what developers should favor instead of the old status bar, which has no customization option. e.g. you can't move or rearrange an add-on icons there.
    I discovered this add-on, while searching for "move status bar icons"
    It's somewhat capable to accomplish what I wanted, but it would be even great if, I it let me to move just few icons, not the whole status bar, or if I could move all icons to add-on bar.
  • thanks for the developer of this addon. plz keep updating this addon. tab mix plus + firefox 4 ui fixer is a must.
  • An essential tool for removing much of the Google Chrome-like stink from recent versions of Firefox.
  • great