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Warum wurde "FireFile" geschaffen?

I created this Addon as i find the firefox CSS- editing features being amazing, but always missed a functionality to save changes to the remote server.

It does, of course, work to copy and paste style rules between windows, and then save to the server (most ftp clients support automatic remote upload on save, which is already quite efficient). But as i like to put my style definitions into many different css files (for keeping an overview), it gets quite time-intensive to open the one file and change the three lines.

As a friend of web- services, i was inspired to build an extension that communicates with a "simplified web service" on a remote server to transfer data. And that's where it started...

Was kommt als nächstes für FireFile

In the next releases i will focus on functional bug fixing, and also on increasing usability, like key commands to show modified changes, maybe some settings for "automatic saves" to certain files.

I'll also work on the firefile docs a lot, as it's maybe too complicated still. I'm especially thinking about adding screencasts, a setup- wizard in the webservice script, etc...

Über den Entwickler

Name bimf
Ort Innsbruck, Austria
Beruf Software engineer
Homepage http://www.firefile.at/
Benutzer seit November 19, 2009
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