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  • The best..!

  • To bad it only works for the single line console.

  • I think development stopped - because firebug 2.0 has it built in.

    Just write the first letters and press ctrl+space like in notepad plus plus and other editors.

    Anyway. Thank you for your wonderfull work in the past.

  • جيد جداً ومفيد

  • My son says that this is a great addon to a already great addon

  • The addon is great but unfortunately it doesn't seem to work when you open firebug in a new window and the console is in multiline mode.

    I've seen that Cold Sun has given some sort of solution to the problem but I don't really know how to do it.

    Any help would be really appreciated! :D


  • To fix the issue when Firebug is in a new window (where auto-completion doesn't work), change chrome/content/firebug.js line 59 like above:

    --- firebug.js 2013-07-20 18:58:34.150803544 +0200
    +++ firebug.js.new 2013-07-20 18:58:16.891802654 +0200
    @@ -56,7 +56,7 @@
    get firebug(){
    return (typeof Firebug === 'object') && Firebug ||
    - (Object.prototype.toString.call(opener) === '[object Window]' && opener.Firebug) && opener.Firebug;
    + (Object.prototype.toString.call(opener) === '[object ChromeWindow]' && opener.Firebug) && opener.Firebug;
    get editor(){
    return this.firebug.CommandEditor.editor;

    Please, consider giving ways to contact you for that sort of request. Thanks in advance!


  • Nice addon.
    To (temporary) fix the problem with the white on gray selected item you could do the following.
    Find the overlay.css file.


    And comment the line as follows:

    menuitem.FirebugAutocompleter_popup_menuitem {
    /* -moz-appearance: none !important; */

  • Cool but.. latest version doesn't work with "firebug on separate window"

  • experiencing the same problem as @grzegrz, please fix

  • It is a life saver in most situations. Thanks for this.

  • This add-on is great and do it's staff well but current hint's font is white so I can see it at all! I need to go to the next one to make sure that the above was the right choice. Pretty annoying. Could you add colour of current hint in preferences?

  • I couldn't find any support section so here it is as a review. When I open Firebug Console the input area is grayed out when in multi line. When I disable Autocompleter, the problem goes away. A shame. This was a nice addon.

  • is there an easy way to call history using keybord like up down?

  • 十分好用

  • Fantastic tool which not only shows normal DOM objects and methods, by all of my own objects and methods too.

    Only gripe is that I wish I could change the auto-complete keybind from Enter to Right-Arrow or Tab or something else.

  • I tried the version and this addon is getting better

    I haven't tried it out yet, but got it working -- turns out it was only enabled for 1.4-1.7X.* of Firebug, while I have 1.7.3, (1.7X was experimental before 1.7). So I edited the 'rdf' and allowed 1.7.*, an it loads...

    Now that there's a new version, I should try it -- might remove need for manually editing the extention's compat list! :-)....

    ----orig comments follow---
    w/FF 3.6.18, & Fbug 1.7.3, this addon is self-disabled with an error:REQUIRES ADDITIONAL ITEMS...no hint as to what other items are needed...:-(p.s. I would have give this 'no rating', since I don't feel I should have to give a rating for somethingthat I can't get to work in the first place that may be no fault of the addon...

  • Really great!! Found incompatibility with Acebug :(

  • Hi,

    When will be there a Linux compatibility ?

  • Make an option to trigger auto-completion on space and dot
    (best would be to define list of characters after wich auto-completion is triggered)
    Microsoft's IntelliSense uses this method

  • Hi,

    plz make an update for FF 4.b10 and later.


  • Quite good extension, gives a functionality that firebug should already have implemented: autocompletion in the larger command line editor (as they did in the smaller one). But has many usability flaws.
    @thomas: it's a problem with firebug 1.6, recently released. While the developer fixes it, you can download the xpi, unzip it, edit "install.rdf" and replace "1.6X.*" with "1.6.*" or "1.7X.*", then rezip and (re)install the extension. I think IT'S A GOOD IDEA TO DO TWO MORE CHANGES while you are at it: edit "chrome/skin/classic/style/overlay.css" and "chrome/content/style.js", replacing "background-color: -moz-menuhover !important;" with "background-color: highlight !important;", and "color: -moz-menuhovertext !important;" with nothing (which I recommend) or with "color: highlighttext !important;". That way you could solve one of the UI problems: the selected and hovered items have a background extremely clear.

  • I really love this plugin. It's a young one, right? Very promising. Looking forward to more progress on this. Although I found some bugs, like that when a resize of window is done, the autocompleter panel's position changed.
    And some advice:
    1. provide default colors
    2. hover color and current-selected color, they should be different
    3. The option panel top icons, A.S.A.P, it's ugly to leave'em blank
    4. Maybe a new option to work the same way as Safari and Chrome autocompleter
    5. It's not a good idea to put a chinese character along with other icons... a lot of people won't understand

  • good addons