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  • I would give 5 stars but this add-on breaks Facebook and doesn't have the option to disable on specific websites.
  • Facebook not working with this extension.
  • Facebook chat does not work when this add-on is enabled! This issue was already reported months ago and the developer has done nothing about it.
  • Using this plugin because Gesturefy doesn't support drag. Simply works, thank you very much.

    I'm used to dragging left to open new tabs foreground and dragging right to open new tabs background, but that's some personal requirement.

    Thanks again.
  • текст ищет и уже хорошо,
    картинки -то такое =)
  • This does break Facebook. I can't use Messenger at all with it enabled, and it might prevent the auto-alert when new notifications come in (requiring manual page refresh). If you don't have any need for Facebook, then this is a fine addon otherwise.
  • Facebook chat does not work when this add-on is enabled! This issue was already reported months ago and the developer has done nothing about it.
  • Excellent replacement for Quick and Drop.
    5 stars
  • It worked perfectly in windows 10. But in windows 7, it blocks facebook messenger windows and you cannot write comment in FB in v60.0.1. If you stop this extension, you still need to reload the page again to make facebook messenger work.
  • This add-on works in most scenes, worth to download!
  • does its job, BUT it wrecks havoc in my facebook (makes the text input boxes disappear).
    I've come to find this extension was the culprit because I isolated one by one and the problem solved when I uninstalled FireDrag
  • It doesn't work with Containers. Drag links in different Containers and this extension always opens the links in No Container.
  • No longer works.
  • DONT USE it. It's buggy. Interfere Facebook and some other applications.
  • Facebook messenger doesn't work with this.
  • I confirm that this addon causes facebook messenger unloadable. THIS IS SERIOUS BUG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't install this addon if you want to use facebook messanger.
  • If this add-on is enabled then I can not write messages on facebook. The window for writing a letter does not appear until I turn off this add-on. I have last version Firefox 59.0.1 (64 bit). Please fix it!
    Update! Forget this add-on I find much better! Glitter Drag https://addons.mozilla.org/ru/firefox/addon/glitterdrag/
  • It works basically as intended, but the fact that it prevents Facebook Messenger from working (denies the pop-up window) makes this add-on quite unattractive for me.
  • Good plugin, but facebook messenger won't work and the comments in facebook often disappear.
  • No drag links in addons.mozilla.org !!!
  • 無法在 https://addons.mozilla.org 上使用,其他網站都能正常拖拉,不知道是什麼原因
  • When enabling the add-on, can't load the facebook chat (2018/2/8), also sometime the add-on doesn't work, you have to reload the page.
  • 简洁实用 功能虽然不多 但很稳定
  • Good, but looks already abandoned. Facebook messenger doesn;t work indeed if you have this plugin on.
  • causes Messenger.com loading error