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== Feedly Digest

Question: What part of the feedly information gets shared with other users.

1. Other people can look you up on feedly using your name and email address. When they find you, they get to also see you profile picture if you have one set. They can at that point follow your recommendations and annotations.

2. When someone follows your annotations and recommendations, they only get to see that and nothing else. So your privacy is completely protected unless you *explicitly* take the action of annotating or recommending an article/video.

Other tools try to infer how interesting an article is based on how much time you spent reading it and/or if you clicked on a link or viewed a video. We consciously decided to do *none* of that.

Question: Google Reader allows me to keep my shared item private and share it only with a specific subset of users. Does feedly provide this feature as well?

Answer: No. In feedly, we decided to try to start by replicating the flickr model and all items shared or annotated are automatically available to the entire feedly community. As the service matures, we will look into offering more granularity.

== Feedly+Google Search

Question: Does feedly search keeps track of my search history?

Answer: The answer is no. Because feedly is a firefox extension, the integration of the search result is performed in real-time, directly on the client. The feedly service does not see or track at all what keywords people search. The search integration component only tracks at the global level what percentage of users disable the search feature so that we get a sense of if it is valuable or not. So far, less than 0.1% of the users have disabled the component.

== Feedly Mini

Question: Does feedly mini keep track of what web pages I browse?

Answer: The answer is no. Because feedly is a firefox extension, all the integration is performed in real-time on the client. As such the feedly service does not see or track at all what pages you navigate on. In the case you are visiting a page which is matches an article in your Google Reader and your preference is set to auto-mark as read that page, then the client will send a request to google reader to mark that page as read. Please note that the auto-mark as read is the default feedly mini preference. The only statistic we track regarding feedly mini is a global count of how many times it provided useful information/services to the user, statistic which is annonymous and does not contain information about what page the service is provided on.

Feedly uses Google Analytics to track anonymously which subset of features are being used. We use that aggregated usage information to continuously enhance the design of the product.

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