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  • I know the Spanish JSON is available, but why is not disposable as russian or Chinese??? :(
  • Nice services
  • Very practical, fast, well designed.
    I particularly use the rules to extract the information I am looking for.

    I suggest being able to display notifications by grouping them in a small window instead of displaying each notification in a dedicated window.
    Example: https://i.imgur.com/oM2sKPQ.png

    Note: the duration of display (Notification timeout ?) of the notifications does not seem to be adjustable.
  • Best RSS Reader for Fireox.
    However is it possible to change the iframe height in viewmode6 to fit with Firefox screen height ?
  • All the articles in should open in tabs
  • A very promising extension. There are only two things which are bugging me:

    1) Since the tags result in readable feeds, they should be treated as such and should be shown as folders with unread counts.
    At present they show a kind of unwieldy result list and one needs to manually monitor them for new content.
    That behaviour sadly makes tags more of a chore than a convenience.

    2) One cannot turn off the boldly presented unread count displayed at the extension icon.
    This assumes that everyone wants to know, how many unread items there are, all the time - which is simply not realistic.
    I'm perfectly content with knowing exactly, how many unread items there are, after opening the extensions main window.
  • Powerful yet convenient feed reader. Unfortunately does not work in private mode, but I understand this to be a bug in Firefox.
  • Very good rss reader! I really like its ability to get feeds out of twitter, instagram...which a lot of readers cannot.
    But there's one function I need which it doesn't seem to be able to do. When there are alot of unread titles I can't finish them all at once. I need to mark the titles older than a certain one as read. For me this is a critical function.
  • Tout simplement parfait ! C'est le seul qui accepte les rss en xml et qui reste interne a firefox ! Il n'y a plus qu'a le rendre compatible android/ios et il n'y aura plus rien a dire dessus a part qu'il est parfait !