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  • It does the job
  • Perfectly.
  • FF 70 broke the "mark all feed as read" option, only after I try again to enter the feed it mark as read.
  • 我要怎么搜索文章内容?我要怎么导出文章内容
  • A great feed reader that would be perfect with synchronization.

    My other wishes:

    * Add "share with mastodon".
    * Import/Export for all Settings
  • Love Feedbro. My one request is for the ability to toggle the tooltips off (or on, if wanted). Thanks!
  • I liked it to start; but, it skips articles, so, I need to check the original website. So, it doesn't really end up saving me any time. Perhaps there is some setting I need to change?
  • FF Dev71.0b4
    понял в чем проблема обновления. когда нажимаешь обновить новость/все в фокусе на канале или где еще - она обновит и покажет.. только цифру непрочитанного, новые артикли/новости появится только после повторного фокуса на этом канале.
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  • Cool cool
  • This is a great feed reader, very straightforward and customizable. One problem: certain feeds (BBC for example) show many duplicate entries, despite being present in the feed just once. I don't know if this is caused by the feed or the extension, but I can find no way to disable this. I suspect it may be caused by items (especially developing news stories) being updated, as the duplicates tend to have different timestamps.
  • Wow, best RSS reader ever! It would be great, if we could SYNC the feeds and their folders with Mozilla Sync. And what I miss: if I mark an item by accident as "read", I cannot go back to view it again.
    You can view also items that are marked as read. Just uncheck the "Show only unread mode" (letter icon with a star in the toolbar or keyboard shortcut 'u') and then click the feed again. Then you can see also articles you have marked as read.