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  • A great feed reader that would be perfect with synchronization.

    My other wishes:

    * Add "share with mastodon".
    * Import/Export for all Settings
  • Love Feedbro. My one request is for the ability to toggle the tooltips off (or on, if wanted). Thanks!
  • "Feedbro background process failed to initialize." How can i make this thing initialize? I'll lose everything i add on it?
    See Feedbro help file (? icon in the toolbar) and answer to question "Help! Firefox doesn't load any articles!"

    Your Firefox profile is most likely broken. Check it with https://firefox-storage-test.glitch.me/ and if it is broken, you need to use "Refresh Firefox" in about:support

    Reviews are not meant for support requests. If you need help, send email to feedbro.reader@gmail.com
  • I liked it to start; but, it skips articles, so, I need to check the original website. So, it doesn't really end up saving me any time. Perhaps there is some setting I need to change?
  • Cool cool
  • This is a great feed reader, very straightforward and customizable. One problem: certain feeds (BBC for example) show many duplicate entries, despite being present in the feed just once. I don't know if this is caused by the feed or the extension, but I can find no way to disable this. I suspect it may be caused by items (especially developing news stories) being updated, as the duplicates tend to have different timestamps.
  • Wow, best RSS reader ever! It would be great, if we could SYNC the feeds and their folders with Mozilla Sync. And what I miss: if I mark an item by accident as "read", I cannot go back to view it again.
    You can view also items that are marked as read. Just uncheck the "Show only unread mode" (letter icon with a star in the toolbar or keyboard shortcut 'u') and then click the feed again. Then you can see also articles you have marked as read.
  • When I add a rule I can add a sound too. These sounds are very short ! Can you add longer sounds, please ? Or custom sounds ?
    Thank you for the suggestion. Custom sounds will be supported soon (you can give a link as parameter that points to the sound file on the Internet).
  • Is it possible add a new theme for android version of firefox? Is there a plan for add new feature which allow syncing data between many devices?
  • please add mozilla sync feature in order to be useful across platforms
  • It seems to skip articles now and then for no apparent reason. I noticed that behaviour when reading web comics, getting confused because of missing pages. The articles show up in the feed preview but that's it. I found no way to have it download an article once it has been skipped. The only fix is deleting the feed and adding it again ... until it skips one the next time.
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