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Warum wurde "Favicon Picker 3" geschaffen?

I liked this feature in Internet Explorer a great deal, and had used Favicon Picker 2. When I upgraded to Firefox 3, this was the only addon that had was still not compatible, and there were no hints a new version was on its way.
I had never programmed an addon before this one, and thought "how hard could it be?" Turns out, it was really hard - no wonder it wasn't upgraded. Firefox completely changed how it managed it bookmarks, so it wasn't just changing a line or two - I had to start over. With a blank page, I started writing the code from scratch. After learning about the addon framework and releasing a few versions, it was finally working after a week.
I knew there were a lot of users that wanted this feature. I had the time, so I thought I'd release it for them.

Was kommt als nächstes für Favicon Picker 3

No new updates or releases are forthcoming. I no longer develop for Firefox.

After a few months, the developer of Favicon Picker 2 copied my code. It was ok, because I released my work under GPL. I did not like having somebody else take credit for my work, so I decided to copyright my next release. Months later, that release was also copied. That didn't bother me that much, after all, there are pirates everywhere, and it was free software.

What bothered me was the response I got from the editors of addons.mozilla.org when I asked them to do something about it. They had approved the pirated work for public release, and started sending it as an update. When I emailed them, they went against their own stated policy and refused to sandbox the other addon while their lawyers looked at it. They sat on it, and sent me the email address of their lawyers.

This was really a hobby for me, and it was nice being able to do something to help other users out. The reason I quit developing altogether was simple - it's degrading when the people "in charge" ridicule developers for wanting credit for their own work.

If you are a developer, you should know that your copyright is not respected by the editors of this website - not even your basic right to get credit/attribution for your own original work. I did it for free - all I asked was to have my name on my work. I was asking too much.

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Name finny08
Benutzer seit June 25, 2008
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Wer ist finny08?

I quit developing because the editors of this site refused to respect copyright. I wrote all the code for Favicon Picker 3 for free, from scratch. The time spent writing, supporting, and updating wasn't enough. This site let another developer copy my work wholesale, and pushed it out to thousands of users even after they knew there was a copyright problem.<br/><br/>If you want, email amo-editors@mozilla.org - ask them to respect developers and copyright law. For me, it wasn't worth it anymore.