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Excellent add-on.

Awesome and genius Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

This add-on is so amazing I needed to write this second review. It helps me so much, making my browsing and searching very fast. When you select a word it can immediately show a description from a Wikipedia and pops out couple of search engines for you. I chose Wiki, Youtube, Google and IMDB. So whenever you want to search something you don't need to go to that site, for example Youtube, you just highlight the word and click on the Youtube icon. It's that simple. It can be configured to add more searches and auto-copy the highlighted text so you can manually paste it wherever you want.
In my opinion it's one of the best add-ons on the internet for any browser and a MUST have for everyone who wants to surf fast and efficient. I highly recommend it.

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