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The new smart cut is very good , but smart paste is causing me trouble ( upon middle clicking any where in the page , if missed a link click then pasting content to top search box , also page scrolling to top) . So what i think is either there should be separate options for Smart Cut , Copy , Paste or Smart paste behavior should be fixed ( only paste when textbox is near ) [ As there is only one checkbox for all 3 i disabled all 3 ]

Feature request : I use "Find as you type" if i use backspace its deleting but I want arrows to be used to edit it [ I know Ctrl +shift +f you can do , but not if FAYT }

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I changed my mind and separated Smart Cut/Copy and Smart Paste into two options in Misc. Settings in v3.25. Just download & install and disable Smart Paste.

Previous reply:
The Smart Paste along doesn't cause you trouble, it's because you have both Smart Paste and Middle click paste enabled. The Smart Paste enables pasting into the top searchbox (or searchbar if no box on page) if user is not pasting into any particular textbox - this behavior is actually useful if you think about it. The Middle click paste was the reason why Smart Paste was even activated when your middle click misses a link. I'm not sure there's a way to make the behavior of the 2 features combined suit every user by default. I honestly think (and users complained) that FS already has too many options so I'm leery to adding another one for this. Sorry.

I thought about implementing caret when I first implemented FAYT but it was technically/conceptually troublesome, so I gave up on it. It doesn't work well when not using textbox, therefore using Find Panel with Ctrl-Shift-F is the only way.

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Thank you for your quick response . I want to add following points.
1. Dropdown in Search should be closed when tab key pressed (which selects first one ) , if user adds something again dropdown should come [ similar behaviour of Instant Fox which i Love ] ( also there is no need to search for history, default firefox will give dropdown on browsing history )
2. As a user of Firegestures , i'm more into mouse than keyboard , please provide some way to close distribution bar through mouse bcoz if not escaped , the text selection color is coming in Orange always which is annoying [ default FF search will not have any color selection impact even without closing find bar ] [ At least doubleclick/middleclick on distribution bar close will do ]
3. Clicking on Tab of preview window is OK When Only Single Tab there definitely preview window should disappear [ there is no point of preview when tab is there ]. Also tab is opening in extreme right corner instead prefer to open next to current tab . But on non preview search its opening Correctly in next to current tab [ I don't want to install tab relative etc addons to make it that way ] Any help ??
4. Without semicolon , autocomplete not happening in other than url bar ( g not working , ;g only working) ??
5. Calculator (c is using google search ) , i'm missing InsantFox instant Calculator ? Any good search website engine for that ?
6. Smart Copy , Paste is awesome , Smart Cut when pressed Ctrl + X in Text box without selecting will be even better.
7. Last but not least , to check all preference windows , i need to click a lot of times the addon bar icon to get main list and click on individual settings links to get window come , If i want new settings option window again i need to do all again . Tedious thing ...

I Missed Shift Enter for preview window, thanks for reminding me.

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1. Not really. Sometimes users wanted to tab twice to select the 2nd option. I can't close it when they tab once.
2. I'll think about it. Maybe a right click on the bar closes bar.
3. I might change to open next to current tab instead of the last one.
4. ; is needed for textboxes/textarea on page to avoid incorrect recognition. This won't change.
5. Why do you think InstantFox's calculator is better? It has better presentation, but much limited functionality. e.g., it can't even do 3^2, which Google's provides a full calculator's function.
6. Will add smart cut.
7. Please install v3.17 where there's a new main option "Reshow this panel ..." that's by default checked. This will alleviate some of the pain of navigating the options menu, but not all (I do recognize that, but it's WAY too much work to switch to a completely different menu system, which wasn't available (for SDK-based addons) when FS was first coded).

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First of all , I like your addon very much ,I like this addon having these many features and your replies to each review .Thank you for all the work you must've put in to this.

Here are some Suggestions which will be very useful to have , it may look small but very useful ( as a user of InstantFox).

1. In Instant Search , on searching the results are coming , on clicking on tab first result is selected but still the dropdown is not gone ( need to press enter/ click on it or outside of it to go ) [consider tab key also]
2. Instead of F2/F3 , enter key should be given for searching for next word occurance ( or shortcut can be changed [ similar to default FF search] )
3. After searching , the Distribution bar, text is not going off until unless we clicked on Escape/again Cancel of that search . Also the color on selecting is coming in orange bcoz of that. ( I cannot close distribution bar without using keyboard again like escape ; Also i don't want to put AutoHide Distribution bar seconds ) [ Make Double Click/Single Click outside will close distribution bar n search ]
4. On Preview window Double Click Anywhere to open previewed content in a new tab , also preview window should disappear .
5. User should be given option to have preview window on one search and new tab in another search Without changing in the preferences panel every time like ( ;g <preview> <search> for preview window , ;g <search> for tab ) to cannot have both behaviours at same time without changing preferences.

I want to make this addon improved so that many more people will appreciate your effort.

Diese Bewertung wurde für eine vorherige Version des Add-ons (3.0.1-signed) abgegeben. 

Thanks for your review & suggestions! As usual I reply point for point here:

1. The dropdown is deliberately left open - mainly because sometimes the Instantly loaded result is not the one you want, and this dropdown being open allows you to choose a different result (which helps to improve the next history/bookmark search). I thought about this issue before and even tested alternatives, the best (which is still not good) is to give an option to user to auto-dismiss it for X seconds, and a good default value for that X is not easy to decide. I don't remember how InstantFox does it, it just always assume that the one it loaded is the right one and closes the dropdown after load? I think it's better to have the dropdown of URLBar or Suggestions open just in case user wants to choose sth. different. BTW InstnatFox also doesn't do history/bookmark search as I remember, so it's different scenario.

2. That's doable. I'll try to work it into the next version.

3. I'm not certain a mouse-only option is better or much needed. My assumption was that when you do text search, your hands are on keyboard. And the fastest way to dismiss the match distribution bar and highlight is using keyboard, not mouse. Similar to Firefox's own Findbar, the fastest way to dismiss it is the Esc key too. I never use the little 'x' on the left of the Findbar to dismiss it. I'm not sure single/double click outside should close it - there are scenarios that you might not want it to happen, and clicking outside Firefox's Findbar also doesn't dismiss it. I'm not convinced of this one yet.

4. I'll make that default IF there's only one tab in preview window. If there're multiple, I can't dismiss the preview. BTW the double click has to be on tab, not anywhere, which would not be suitable for multiple scenarios.

5. Yes you can. If you press Shift key while you press Enter (or mouse click, where applicable), you force the preview window. This applies to both Smart Searchbox and text search. Sorry that this is probably buried somewhere in the docs, and I do recognize it's hard for users to notice all the tricks. I would, however, argue that most users are not even patient enough to read/learn about all the tricks, even if I put it in video, put it in the blue '?'... It's hard when the addon simply has an overwhelming # of features and options, for the author even more than the users I'd say.