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I am glad that finally this addon gets the credit it deserves. It is definitely one of the best addons i have used, in the top 3 list of my addons. One thing i am still missing is the ability to open results from smartbox in a background tab. If i can make some more suggestions:
- Choice so that in a place of the smartbox to always display the last search engine that was used (usually when we search for something we do that for more than one time in the same task).
- With alt+enter in url bar a new tab is open with the result of the action (the default behavior). But it does not do the same for addon's search engines keywords, i would like to see that happening (useful if you want to search for some term but you want to add something - you can do that by clicking tab from the smart box but then your only choice is to have the results in the same window - or am i missing something?)
keep up the good work!

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Use last engine is not difficult, but I don't find it true in my everyday usage. You might consider just increase your favorite engine's "Usage Rank" (in that engine's settings) and/or modify SSB for an alternative.

You can consider use keyboard up/down arrow keys to choose the right option in the suggest panel, then press shift-enter to preview that entry. Again, not exactly what you suggested, but a possible alternative.