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Hello developers team,

Thank you for show me a way to get about page.

But, I am frustrated very much about as follows.

1) could not disable "collecting infomation" .

I tried to disable collect information on Firefox 12 and Fasterfox Lite 3.9.6Lite.
But I can not disable it from about page.

I unchecked "Enable anonymous statistics" of about page.
Then close about page and open about page again.
"Enable anonymous statistics" was back to "checked".

I changed locale to English.
But I got same result in Japanese.

2) disable "collecting information" manually, but still access

I seted "extensions.wips.stats_permission.fasterfox" to false in about:config.
It reflect to unchecked "Enable anonymous statistics" of about page.
But fasterfox still access :-(

3) not describe "collecting infomation" in "more information page" of "Fasterfox Lite" at "Add-ons Manager".

4) not describe detail about "Enable anonymous statistics" in "Fasterfox Lite - about" page.

5) No screenshot of "Fasterfox Lite - about" page in this Add-on page.

6) A kind of setting "Enable anonymous statistics" shuld be placed in option page.

7) Context menu of Fasterfox do not have "About" menu.

I am happy if you fix and improve Fasterfox as quick as you can.

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Hi Backy,
your arguments are really reasonable. Thank you for your response and we will start working on these immediatelly :-)