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Tomek Wasiak

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Warum wurde "Fast Translation" geschaffen?

Internet is a place where most of information is in English and English isn't my native language. I needed a tool that would quickly translate for me some unknown words and sentences found on websites. I use Firefox as my default web browses so first, I tried to find add-on that does that but I didn't find anything interesting. Google Translate is a great service but opening another tab all the time didn't work for me well. I like programming in JavaScript so I decided to write my own Firefox add-on using Google Translate. And this is how idea of Fast Translation has been created.

Was kommt als nächstes für Fast Translation

In new version (compatible with Firefox >= 4) I added translating in real-time. This and few other previously added features were suggested to me by other Fast Translation users. I carefully analyze feedback from users. Sometimes I don't have time to respond to all e-mails with suggestions but I assure you that I read them all and try to implement them with next add-on updates.

Über den Entwickler

Name Tomek Wasiak
Ort Pruszków, Poland
Homepage http://tomekwasiak.pl/
Benutzer seit February 22, 2009
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