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  • testing
  • Nice Gadjet!
  • Merci pour cette collection d'emoticones. Super sympa ! :)
  • I need mozilla team review all addons and delete nick who submit scam addons.
  • I downloaded, it shows in my extensions but nothing in Facebook. It doesn't work.
  • the Firefox version doesn't work, the Google Chrome version works for me (I change it to Firefox format)
  • Seit geraumer Zeit funktioniert dieses Add-On nicht mehr.
    Sehr schade!

    @ Anonymer Nutzer ae3583: It would be nice, if you can tell me how you did getting to work!
  • No funciona, no funka, no anda.
  • Works for me and it's great.!!!
  • This addon don't work...
  • Not working
  • add-on sucks and doesn't work!
  • Ne fonctionne pas avec Firefox :(
  • in Firefox 49.0.2
  • Dont work :( Still dont see emoji icon.. :(
  • Ne fonctionne pas sous Firefox
  • funktioniert seit Monaten nicht, da werde ich sicher nichts für bezahlen :-(
  • This isn't working as of 31.07.2016.
  • nao funcionou
  • Works great!
  • In addition to similar issues mentioned by others, the penguin emoticon generates " <(") " in text instead of " <(") " like it should. Most of the other emoticons appear as emoticons in the field even before being sent as they should.
  • Very helpfull, BUT, it would be nice to have this avalaible everywhere on FB.

    Also http://emojipedia.org/face-with-tears-of-joy/ is missing while typing a private message!
  • good job
  • Добавете всички икони както на Messenger-a за телефон. И направете интерфейса по цветен и красив като например черно. Абе като цяло бива но има какво да се опипа още!
  • ok