1.100 Bewertungen
  • okay, I was waiting for add-on like this. Using it for three months. It's okay
  • I love this and the Firefox Multi-Account Containers.
  • So far it simply hasn't worked on my newish Sony Viao, nor has the container for bank transactions. No "blue colored browser tab" in either case.
  • I'm not convinced of the usefulness of this add-on. Putting facebook in a container is a good thing, but it does not prevent facebook to track your activities.
    Yes, it limits some functionality for sure, but it's far away from what it should be.
  • Awesome add-on
  • I am so happy to restrict Facebook spying. What I do on the Internet outside this social network does not concern it at all.
  • I guess it works...if ya don't mind waiting 3 to four minutes for FB to load every time ya click on something. Facebook just doesn't work in ANY Firefox container making this extension useless.
  • Not a user...but based on low ratings it sounds as though this add-on needs some tweaking before I'll try it. And I'd really like to give it a go!
  • Its not working.. still get ads on every thing I search.