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  • This is an awesome app that helps me stay off of Facebook. However, a notification keeps popping up that the site is blocked and I don't understand why?

    Is it because someone has messaged me or something and instead of getting the usual notification from Facebook that I got a message (even if I am logged out) this software notifies me instead? Can a developer let me know?

    Either way, it is a good reminder that it is blocked and I am glad it is blocked. I am getting further and further away from Facebook all the time. I think it is depressing to find yourself sitting there scrolling and scrolling through loads of nonsense that all starts seeming the same.
  • I would prefer to give this the five stars that it deserves, but it isn't compatible with Firefox 57 a.k.a Quantunm, and has not seen any developer activity since 2012...
  • Blocks Facebook crawling trough websites visited. Great Tool to have!
  • This is a great plugin for everyone who value their privacy. It is even possible to use facebook.com normally, it just stops facebook from knowing what other sites you visit.
    There is just one issue: The addon is currently not multi-process compatible, so when you install it firefox only runs in one thread. Would be great if you could fix this. Thanks.
  • Doesn't seem to work at all in Firefox 28 Mac.
  • This thing is perfect!
  • I've had FB Blocker for a long time, just have not yet taken the time to write a review. I *love* this add-on. This and Facebook Phishing Protector make Facebook an entity that is bearable -- and that I now participate in about once a month -- in our society, which makes both my huge, widespread family and me very happy. THANK YOU for all the time and hard work you put into this project. It is much appreciated! (Running FFv.18.0.2 on Win7 64-bit and no issues whatsoever, nor with previous versions.)
  • do not track me (DNTMe) does the job too
  • Hi there,

    first of all, thanks for providing such an add-on. I was wondering if it were possible to include the option of a complete block of the communication with Facebook. I do not have a Facebook Account so I don't care if the buttons on non-FB-sites even show up or not, and I can imagine many Facebookusers would appreciate the option to block all sort of communication with facebook-servers as well from time to time...
  • Finde, dass dieses Add-on eine gute Idee ist.
    Auf der Suche nach so ein Add-on, das den Informationsfluss durch Seiten Dritter, (alleine schon durch den Aufruf der Seite) zu facebook blockiert aber die Funktionalität der Seiten und des "Gefällt mir"-Buttons beibehält, wurde ich auf Facebook Blocker 1.4 aufmerksam. Da ja die meisten anderen Add-ons dieser Art die Funktionalität der Seiten doch sehr einschränken.
    Ich musste feststellen, dass dieses Add-on leider nicht funktioniert. Beim Aufruf von Seiten die ich in der Vergangenheit besucht hatte und auf denen ich den "Gefällt mir"-Button betätigte wurde ich wiedererkannt, was mir durch den auf "Gefällt dir" gewechselten Button verdeutlicht wurde.
    Deshalb auch nur die 2 Sterne ...
    Als Browser benutze ich Firefox 13.0.1.
  • I hate posting every single "like" to FB. Thank you for this addon.
  • I can't figure out how to contact the author, so I'm resorting to a review:

    I'm having some trouble of late with this not blocking facebook from all sites. I'm using 8.0.1 Firefox and for example, I'm having trouble with it not blocking when I go to http://thinkprogress.org/justice/2011/12/26/395287/93-year-old-tennessee-woman-who-cleaned-state-capitol-for-30-years-denied-voter-id/
  • I would like to know from the developer if Facebook Blocker just blocks transmissions to Facebook from the "Like" button on pages containing it, or does it block communication back to FB from *any* FB functionality that might be found on a page. I want no communication back to FB concerning my activities on the internet unless I choose to send them. So, basically what I'm asking is how global is Facebook Blocker in its function, is it just for the "Like" button or does it block all other FB transmissions back to the mother ship as well?
    the addon strips your personal information off all http-requests to facebook.com
  • may be exatly what I need, but sadly it doesn't work (ff8.0 on linux)

    @jmeissner: it doesn't block facebook on sites that are not facebook. it doesn't block the like-button and/or other facebook-trash all over the net.

    can you tell what didnt work? I admit I never tested on Linux but the AO is so small I don't really expect incompabilities.
  • I hate Facebook any more. I used to use it a lot but it got to be too much! Those "Share on Faacebook" buttons piss me off! Thank you whoever wrote this app!
  • Awesome!
  • Thanks for this nice Add on! No statistics for facebook and no restrictions by using it.

    Keep up the good work!
  • It sounded like a good idea, but it makes almost every move on fb a pain.
  • I had really high hopes for this but the Zuckerberg Empire instructs me that my browser must accept cookies in order to log in, and to "please adjust my preferences." Little punk Zuckerberg! Am I doing this wrong somewhere or is there a workaround? I *really* want to make this work because I don't appreciate Facebook making ducats off me *everywhere* I go.
    For reference I am using FF 7.0. Thanks.
  • Good idea, but it logs me off every time I access a game or application, can't send requests or gifts.

    Since I have to login again after every click on an application, it's more trouble than just logging off or using two browsers.
    Ok, this I can technically understand since the games will come from another domain. I personally don't use games and stuff on FB so I didn't realize there was a problem here, but I will see, if and how I cam improve this. Thx for your feedback
  • Those snots at facebook cannot keep tabs on me. Nice.
  • On the one hand very useful, on the other it does block links from facebook to facebook ;(
    Oh, it shouldn't and I didn't make this experience yet. But I will check again, if I can improve things. Thx for your feedback.
  • Works great!
  • This is terrible and I hate it.
  • I had just finished writing on add-on that removed the facebook cookies whenever the user left facebook. This is a much bette solution because it doesn't log you out of facebook!