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  • Does not hide sponsored ads in newsfeed
  • Doesn't remove sponsored ads ;(
  • Joke! It worked for less than 12 hours. Never worked sense.
  • Mince, FB a dû changer un truc, le module ne fonctionne plus :(
    (je changerai la note quand le module sera à nouveau opérationel)
  • I doesn't work at all. Maybe it blocks some usual ads (I don't know, I am already using ublock), but not those in the newsfeed.
  • good
  • It doesn't work at all!!
  • useless
  • Not working
  • Actually works! Compared to "AdBlocker for Facebook" by AdblockLite. Removes suggested posts from my feed and counts them correctly. Only thing missing is maybe some options to disable or enable some elements.

    Number of required permissions is also worrrying compared to other extensions.
  • As of today - May,2018 - It is working marvelously! Thanks!!!!!!!
  • not working
  • ok