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Unfortunately on many sites it is very inaccurate. With an empty cache, try loading a site like CNN, see the counts add up, only then to revert to some marginal number upon completion, listing that the entire page is only 70KB and took 2.3 secs. All while yslow says 1.2MB and 53 secs. The latter being correct. Tried with several other sites too. It erroneously reports that the abcnews page is only 155KB while yslow pegs it at 1556 KB. Both said 45secs. Then later extended changes its numbers??
This is on Firefox 20.
So, sometimes this add-on has it right, but in initial testing it is often a miss, at least partially, only reporting part of the true load or time that expired.

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In my brief experience with it, it is totally inaccurate.

The page load time stops before the page is completely loaded. The page weight might be calculated based on the physical size of the html file. It in no way represents the actual download weight to view the entire page. Pages with lots of images, 3rd party scripts etc will supposedly load in 2 seconds with 50KB of weight while your browser still indicates it is loading data and your network monitor continues to show traffic for another minute.

For example. Sites like tuaw and engadget consistently weigh close to 1MB. This extension shows them below 100KB.

I would love this extension if it were accurate.

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