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  • Seems to need accessing private browsing data to work.
    Sometimes the file path is too huge in the screen.
  • Actually - as far as I know - I should be able to open Exif Viewer about "Extras", but unfortunately I can't find this option under "Extras" or any other option in the Firefox browser. Version 70.0.1 (64 Bit). I'm very disappointed. Ansonsten wäre das ein wirklich, wirklich nützliches Tool!
  • Nothing happened even if you click IPTC, IFD0 etc.
  • Does exactly what is says. Works pretty well, instantly gives detailed info about image metadata.
  • i cant able to add why?
  • This plug in was very, very good until Firefox killed its usefulness to any file on the local hard drive, such as image files received or sent via email, those downloaded from a thumb drive, or those taken and saved on a local hard drive by the computer owner. Firefox in some sort of misguided, perhaps just thoughtless, security move destroyed the ability to use Firefox in a fully functional way as photographers had done previously for many, many years. Too bad for us photographers. But, who cares about us, eh? So, now off to investigate using some other browser that actually might be fully functional for looking at photographs, including my own.
  • Easy to install, but nothing is showed. I browse the hard disk to my files. I open the image. I do a right click and i select exif viewer. Unfortunately the windows is there without any information
    Where on your hard drive are the images located? Some directories associated with the operating system have restricted access, which prevents the Viewer from retrieving the image and extracting its data. Try copying the images to a public directory and see if that helps.
  • Cool
  • Ужасно! Часто работает некорректно, ОГРОМНЫМИ буквами выдает какие-то адреса, занимающие 70% первого экрана окна, приодится долго скроллить и вглядываться, чтобы понять хотя бы базовую информацию о снимке, гистограмма во всплывайке над всплывайкой - это вообще угар. Вдобавок оно открывается во всплывающем окне, перекрывающем снимок! Выглядит как приложение из 90-х. Напишите уже кто-нибудь нормальный екзиф для фокса, в хромиумах оно есть же.
  • IPTC-Daten und Exif-Aufnahmedaten werden *nicht* übersichtlich aufgelistet. Unzumutbar.
  • Дерьмо!
  • I just upgraded from pre-57 Firefox to 62, and installed the latest version of EXIF viewer, which I've been using for years. The user interface is not as good as the old version, but worst of all, it shows zero information about the image. Nothing at all. The old version showed full details of the same photo, but this new version shows nada. I've uninstalled and reinstalled, and rebooted, but nothing. It's a shame we can't use the old version anymore.
    Can you provide the URL of an image that is not being handled properly? The Viewer should still work, but there have been issues with local files in certain directories.
  • В большинстве случаев работает некорректно .
  • Works fine on Firefox for Desktop. Doesn't work *at all* for Firefox for Android.

    Android works for https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/search_by_image/ . I don't understand why it doesn't work for EXIF!
    Firefox for Android implements a very limited subset of the WebExtensions API. So, no context menus and no way to invoke the Viewer. Sorry, but until the Mozilla developers remove this limitation, the Viewer will be DOA on Android.