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  • Won't let me install. 'Add on appears to be corrupt'. Please fix
  • Does not work to capture gmail emails. Just a blank screen. Very disappointing.
  • No sirve
  • This add on may have had issues but there are two things to consider. (1) It is one of the most useful add ons available for any professional or research oriented person. (2) I determined that the problem was not the add on but firefox itself. In light of the MANY updates to firefox, the issues seemed to go away. I figured this out when I use the add on in Chrome and it worked perfectly. This was followed by many months of avoiding firefox. I'm happy to report that firefox is back, and so is this add on. Software is a technology that REQURES a consistent human language and problems occur when teams mix and match. It's been known for a long time. The best teams speak all English or all Spanish or all (ANYTHING). I think firefox got caught up in this reality.
  • Unusable. Complains about third party cookies and won't let me log in. Allowing third party cookies for evernote.com doesn't help. Completely broken.
  • Finally, after weeks of waiting Evernote Web Clipper works again with Firefox 70 (version 70.0a1 as of 2019-07-30). Now I'm very happy with it – again!
  • Buggy. Sometimes doesn't respond to being clicked at all with no error or response of any kind that is visible to the user. Evernote in general has products that are frustrating, given they prioritize Chrome/iOS above everything else. They're not accessibility driven.
  • Screenshots from Chrome? You kidding?
  • Yes. Related results don't work !!
  • "Show Evernote content related to my web searches" doesn't work in Firefox. It works in Chrome (unfortunately only with Google search engine) but not in Firefox. Makes the Clipper less than 50% worth for me.
  • Tried everything and can't get this to work although it did once! No probs at with Chrome though.
  • I will never, ever want Evernote content related to my web searches. I never, ever will want a "Save to Evernote" button on PDFs, for enterprise security reasons. Yet, every time this extension updates it turns those "features" back on for me, which is infuriating.

    Also infuriating--I do not need, and do not want, the Web Clipper extension to pop up in Gmail or YouTube to tell me what it can and can't clip. I know that. I could perhaps live with the intrusive notifications once, but those too reset every time the extension is updated.

    Point being, the line between "tool" and "annoying malware" is getting a little hard to see here, and I've already thought about whether my rare use of this extension justifies its not-so-rare intrusions the rest of the time. Keep annoying me and I will decide it's no longer worth it.
  • It's very good, but I'm having problems with the need of third party cookies. Sorry, this is a no-go.