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  • Works well. Thanks
  • Out of nowhere it doesn't work anymore. Any time I try to use it, it opens a popup, says successfully logged in, closes, and a small error message appears at the bottom right telling me to enable cookies. I have literally tried everything, and the cookies are absolutely enabled and allowed for evernote. Over the years this software has become more and more trash, and I suspect it is because of certain die hard users who pollute the support forums with their idiotic words and allow the development team to jerk themselves to death before spending a second on developing what used to be fantastic software. I was a premium member for a long time, but this is just completely unacceptable. I have never seen such carelessness and stupidity in a development team in my entire life.
  • Essa extensão está impedindo a visualização de xml nativa do Firefox.
  • When using this addon Firefox stops to correct display XML files.