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  • No longer works acceptably in Firefox 68, as Evernote insists that you accept third party cookies globally, which is unnacceptable from the point of view of privacy.
  • Since FF 68 Web Clipper is broken. Reason are Third Party Cookies.
  • Stop relying on all this 3rd party cookie crap to spy on your paying customers and make your clipper more stable, because most of the complaints about logging in (or can't login at all) have to do with that crappy approach. There's enough data for you in store...
  • Не добавляется. Замучилась, и это при премиум аккаунте. Караул!
  • Simple Very Good
  • Some sites don't clip properly but works fine overall.
  • useful but the the chrome extension is much better. i am trying to switch from chrome to firefox. but i use web clipper a lot and the firefox web clipper extension is not nearly as good as the chrome extension. for example, when i try to clip an email in firefox the clip is empty. but when i clip an email in chrome it works.
  • Growing more and more dissatisfied with this web clipper. Once more, it's outdated compared to the Chrome extension. It leaves a loading graphic that does not go away when used on YouTube. Most annoying of all, it doesn't work in a lot of websites. Really upsetting that us Firefox users are not getting enough attention.
  • Simple and usefull add-ons