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I reviewed an older version of this add-on a while back. This add-on is pretty handy. If I click on an epub link I don't have to deal with downloading it to a specific folder since it is automatically saved to the e-pub catalog.You can always downland the file from the catalog to any folder you wish at some more convenient time. There is a bookmark feature that is useful. Paging is smooth..Unfortunately the problems I noticed before still persist. They are: 1) Tiny progress bar that is easy to miss altogether. 2) No page numbers. Page numbers would be a much better way to mark one's progress than the progress bar. 3) When you click the trash can icon it deletes the file without asking you to confirm the deletion. Since the icon is right next to the "save copy" icon, it is easy to make a mistake and click the wrong icon. This has happened to me a few times, and I have had to look on the web for a new copy of the deleted file. A simple "are you sure" prompt would be nice. Overall, a pretty good add-on, but its flaws have relegated it to its status as my secondary epub reader.

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