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I have enjoyed your Firefox Add-on, and use it all the time. It is an excellent example of a simple-to-use app that actually works and works well. Thank you.

I have a small request. Could you include a preference to download and directly save an epub file rather than opening it in a tab?

Adding a bookmark to the catalog could still be done, but I understand if that isn't possible. I regularly synchronize my user selected default file directory, so this feature as important and a simple warning stating the lack of a bookmark could be added.

As an aside, I have noticed that many times after downloading and opening an epub file, either the originating tab, or the most recently current tab, will go "back" one web page. This is usually not a problem. Re-clicking the past link or the [forward] button will fix this. It is just odd behavior.

Thank you, again.

current configuration:

Windows 7 Home Premium, sp1
Firefox v.18.0.1
EPUBReader v.

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