Work like a charm. Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

It is easy to learn and use.

May I share some ideas with you? Instead of being picky, it just means how much I care this product.

1) In Private Library, can we have a tree (same as in "" and "") to organize books? Currently I have too many books.

2) if tree isn't feasible, can we have tags?

3) How about a search box? Just search title and author will be fine.

4) When a book is opened, the floppy disk icon for "Save" is really outdated. I bet most young people have never seen floppy disk! The icon is meaningless for them. How about a hard disk icon?

5) Book collection view can be list, or visual thumbnails of book covers. A fancy idea with low priority, though. ^O^

I will really be picky if I continue...

Thanks again for this great add-on. Full stop.

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