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  • Works beautifully - I don't know why advertise it mainly for devs, I like to use it on my main websites, but I guess devs can use it most practically.
    Also, when you open the colour panel, you can change tab and use the colour picker to pick the colour you want. I use this to change tabs' colours to ones that match a colour on the page.
    I cool feature would be to add random colours to new tabs that do not have pre-defined sets.
    Great add-on!
  • Envify updated and I lost all my custom environments. Very disappointing.
    This bug is tracked here : https://github.com/ylecuyer/envify/issues/21
    Sadly we haven't found the root cause yet. This update introduces import/export of the configuration so that you can do your own backups.
  • A great idea and works as expected but a few things will be great: select a theme or a color instead of just a color. Also will be great if you can select a default theme, due to on my FF dev with black theme it sets the default theme for other sites.
  • Unfortunately it doesn’t play well with the Firefox Color (test pilot addon) or even the default dark theme.
    Great concept and can be useful, but needs more refined execution.
  • Une très bonne idée. Merci ! :)
  • very good
  • Envify did not work, It disabled my theme. Seems like I need to uninstall it because all it did was lock my theme as default.
  • so helpful
  • Very fun extension. Wish there were more preset colors to choose from. I use the flat color picker extension to find new colors.
  • Amazing. Works like a charm, very nice extensions to make your favourite sites feel at home. Also something that makes Firefox feel just nicer.
  • Helps me differentiate my environments by coloring them.
  • This is a really simple but beautiful extension that keeps things visually interesting while not getting in the way
  • Jnash149@gmail.com