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You are right - there are several addons that use mouse gestures.
In addition, as I understand, the addons with mouse gestures usually are heavy - the gesture identification requires some heavy things.
But thinking on your answer some idea entered my head and I want to share it with you.
Let imagine that the entire screen is greeded by 4x4 greed.
It is easy to detect on which of 16 rectangles resides cursor when middle click is released and it is easy to reach each of these 16 rectangles by user even in case when there is no visible grid.
Such thing gives us 16 alternatives.
And if it is possible to show the grid itself on middle button press and detect a cursor on middle button release - the grid can be bigger, for example 9x6 or even more.
If user can customize each rectangle (let say - 10-20 basic functions and the rest - choosen bookmarks) - it will be great, especially if together with grid user will be able to read the operations in each rectangle (it is impossible to remember few dozens of operations).
Of course, it would be another addon. I convey only an idea.

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Is it possible to use mouse movements together with middle click?Currently only two possibilities from 7 are available. (Anyway - the action itself - on release)Moreover, the secondary action requires two hands to operate.And with mouse movement it is possible 5 or even 9 and only one hand:1) without movement;2-3) Up - Down4 - 5) Left - Right6 - 7) LeftUp - RightDown8 - 9) RightUp -LeftDownI would like to see also reload current page and Go Back/Forward

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Thanks for the review.

It's an interesting concept and everything is possible :) however there are already quite a few gestures addons and I don't believe I could do a better and stabler gesture implementation. Maybe adding api for enhanced middle click actions so you could activate them via gestures addons. Sadly at the moment I don't have much spare time to add new big features so I try to keep it as basic as possible, though I'll keep your suggestion in mind.