Good app ...sort of Bewertet mit 2 von 5 Sternen

The range of assignable click functions is somewhat limited. Aside from that, the "Secondary Action" [shift + middle button] didn't work for me on most of the click assignments.

The basic idea behind this app is very good. I look forward to issues with the buggy "Secondary Action" being worked-out, as well as an expansion of functions that may be assigned to middle button clicks.

The DataRat

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Hi DataRat and thanks for the review

I'm sorry to hear about issues with "secondary action", I've never had any issues with shift+mmb and none have been reported till now. Would you be so kind to let me know what OS and Firefox version are you using, so I can try to replicate. If you disable all addons except "enhanced middle click" does the issue still exist?

Enhanced Middle Click is very specific in its use, it's meant to give a simple middle click shortcut to the function you use the most. I use just one function, so I spend my free time with implementing new ones when need for them arises and quite a few have been suggested by users (bookmarks, search selection, tabs), so what kind of function(s) do you miss and need?