Finally, a practical use for the middle button Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

I've been waiting for something like this - a FireFox addon that would do something [more] useful with my middle button. Thank you!!

I'd love to see more assignable options - and it'd be freakin' awesome if you could integrate "Search for the word I'm hovering over" as a middle-click option, which currently in FireFox is a cumbersome (1) highlight the word/sentence, (2) right-click, (3), select "search" from list of actions in the context menu.

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I liked you suggestion so if you feel adventerous you can test action in the beta version ( )

Searching for a word that is under cursor is more error prone than with selection and would need a lot of validating. I've made a simple action where you can select (or double click) a word/sentence or hover over a word and middle click to search. But as I said just hovering over a word might trigger when your not strickly over a word, therefore I'm not sure if I could make it stable enough for the next version. Still double+middle click is still a good and fast action to search a word.

Since this is beta things might be a bit broken since I haven't really tested it much on different platforms or firefox versions. Also this action won't work on words in textarea, input fields or other enhanced middle click restricted elements.

Well I hope you'll find it at least a bit useful