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  • Useful but needs upgrading to FF8.
    Done, updated to 9.*
  • Good Add-on, but has problem with FF 7.
  • Hi

    Thanks for your response. Actually i installed Firefox 5.0.1 and still the button does nothing. I tried installing version 1.8 of the addon, but it says is not compatible with Firefox 5.0.1. Not sure what else, to do. I can provide screenshots, if needed. It is a brand new Mac, so there is no funky settings on the OS, or anything.
    We tested the 1.9 release on 2 different Macs and it worked fine so I guess there must be something specific to your computer. Do you have any other add-ons installed alongside? If so, try disabling one by one and see if it works. You could also try with a new fresh Firefox profile (profiles can cause a lot of stuff not work on FF4+. Then you could try to re-install Firefox.

    I will try to find another user with OS X 10.6 and check with him but honestly, the add-on uses only official Firefox API so it shouldn't depend on anything else. Did you try clearing cache with the regular dialog (Tools - Options - Advanced - Network - Clear now)? Does that work?

    If you're not sure how to check if cache is actually cleared, open 'about:cache', clear cache and then refresh 'about:cache'.

    EDIT: I got one volunteer to test 1.9 on OS X 10.6 and it runs great.
  • Notification not working on Mac
    This is fixed in the upcoming 1.9 version (waiting for editor review).
  • The only way to combat my variant of the firefox 4 monster memory leak: resetting and releasing memory from absurdly huge and incredibly fast growing images/content/used/uncompressed.

    Now if only the extension could be triggered automatically every 30 minutes :>.
  • @vmslo i couldn't contact you nor reply to your answer but the OS i'm using is OSX 10.6. remove this review if you wish.

    ps. i was in Planica/Kranjska Gora this year for the final ski jumping competition. it was totally awesome! :)
    I got several reports already that the notification is not working on some Macs but still didn't manage to find a problem. I'll make sure to publish a fixed version as soon as possible.

    Thank you for your review and see you in Planica next year. ;)
  • Works fine!
  • Works for me and like it a lot! Thanks!
  • Where is the old one icon? I dont wanna paint brush! I wanna to erase not paint. I dont wanna v1.6. Where is 1.2 version, with the proper icon?
  • I was sorry to hear about the Mozilla team's decision. In my opinion, this is the best of the cache clearing extensions. Clears cache and reloads, *and* gives you a message so you feel confident that it was really done -- all in one click. I don't think that any of the others do that.

    I've been working on a web site this week, and this add-on has saved me a lot of time and bother. Thank you for maintaining it.
  • This is definitely the best cache clearing extension. Nothing extra, just clears cache. One of my favourite extensions, I use it all the time.
  • I've been using this add-on now for a couple of weeks very intensely on two Mac system and works like a breeze.

    It would be nice to have the button as a real button so that you get some visual feedback when it is clicked.
  • Good one, Saves time.
  • Like the new options, especially the reload on clearing the cache.

    I still don't get notifications though. I have other add-ons that use notifications with growl and they work. This is the only one that doesn't.
  • I just installed 1.2 and checked the preferences for the notification. Whether it is turned on or off I don't get the notification.
  • Thanks for taking over on this. I love this add-on. However, I used to get Growl notifications that I had cleared the cache. I no longer get those.
  • Not working on Firefox 3.6.2