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  • Actually does not work with Firefox 33 Nightly.
  • Simply and useful. I recommend it for users like me who open many sites with images.
  • I'm using FF 28.0 and I like the idea, but it doesn't clear enough of the cache for FF to reload fresh YouTube thumbnails. I have to clear cache via FF Options>Advanced>Cached Web Content.
    Hello, thanks for your input.

    This add-on calls the original Firefox APIs to clear cache. Thumbnails are apparently not included in those calls.

    It may be added in the future but this is a feature request, not a bug.
  • Nice little Add-on, but "Success" notification needs to be fixed. FF 28

    I have disabled, removed and reinstalled with no change in this.
    Hello, thanks for your input.

    Notifications didn't change for some time now and should be working fine according to various compatibility reports.

    Maybe you're having an issue with some other add-on or corrupted profile?
  • Simple d'accès et rapide même si beaucoup d'outils pour devs avec la même option existent.
    Merci? :)
  • Great Extension, Simple, easy and working
    Your comment is appreciated.
  • Drauf klicken, Cache ist leer. Autoclean habe ich nicht probiert, aber ich verstehe den Sinn einer solchen Funktion auch nicht.
    Thanks for your input.

    I also don't understand why anyone would need the auto clear function but it was requested multiple times in the reviews, so I guess people out there need it.
  • Nice functionality but the 'auto clear' does not appear to work.
    Update manually or wait for Mozilla to approve it. Thanks.
  • Почему кеш не чистит автоматически? на Firefox 24
    > Does not work
    > Why not clean the cache automatically? for Firefox 24

    Update manually or wait for Mozilla to approve it. Thanks.
  • Updated to new v. 2.3 and reverted to 2.2 as button insists on occupying a certain fixed place on toolbar, flexibility to move or hide it is lost. To some people F9 is all that is required and button is allowed to rest in Toolbar pallet.Thank for such an incredible tool.
    Edit- Fixed in v. 2.4
    You are correct; version 2.4 fixes this and is already uploaded. Please note that the button may be automatically added for one last time after the update.
  • A option to clear the cache on time schedule will be great.
  • Merci cette extension va me rendre de précieux service, très simple d'utilisation.
  • works like a charm, and very useful for webmasters.
  • This add-on helps firefox to have lots of room in it's cache. If your firefox ever gets slow, try using it.
  • I can't thank you enough for such an incredible tool. It's small, fast and a very powerful tool. I have been using it for almost 6-8 months and never faced an issue. Thank you once again and keep up the good work!!
    Your feedback is appreciated.
  • Great add-on. I work for a computer Help Desk where I have to delete my cache multiple times per day for troubleshooting reasons. This handy button rocks!
  • It isn't clearing my favicon cache on Firefox 21 beta
  • The only thing this extension needs is an option to have it automatically clear cache once it reaches a user's specified level of cache. Similar to how this extension did it addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/cache-status, see addons.cdn.mozilla.net/img/uploads/previews/full/4/4159.png
    This feature has been suggested before and will most likely be available in one of the upcoming versions. No promises, but a big possibility.

    Thanks for your input.
  • While the Empty Cache Button works fine and is good about telling me when it has completed, I can't tell when I have it actually clicked. It would be nice to get a brief notification "Clearing Cache Now" as it starts.
    Hello, thanks for your input but I'm afraid it's not a good idea. Browsers aren't really expected to work normally while the cache is clearing in the background.

    If you own an older machine, it will usually take some seconds (and even freeze your browser in some cases for that time) to clear cache. On modern machines it takes only a moment.

    The purpose of this addon is to simplify the default cache clearing dialog. Using two notifications for that simple single process simply doesn't make sense.
  • Will brief summarize suggested feature and why. Based on testing in a porting lab:

    Automatic empty of ENTIRE cache at a predefined cache threshold. You already have reload on success, so it can integrate nicely. Nobody has this feature AFAIK, so you would have something unique. User choice or developer preset. 75mb, 100mb. Better would be 50% of total, 90% of total, etc.

    1) In the old days disks had slower I/O but the head had smaller platters to manage. Today faster I/O, but larger platters. Its a wash. Firefox considers the default size of the cache based on free space (they may change that, but see #2). Past 100mb, disk thrashing begins. By 200mb, thrashing is bad. On larger platters, not good.

    2) FF spends more time pruning cache to make room when cache hits max capacity (a read, a write/delete, then another write with new cache entry). How does the pruning work? Look at google/youtube entries in about:cache. Why I capitalized ENTIRE cache. If its expiration some of the cache may never get removed.

    Example(s) Auto clean at 90% of max, there would never be a hit for pruning. Auto clean at 50% of max, less disk thrashing, no pruning hit.
    You have some good points in there.

    Auto-cleaning has been suggested before so I plan to look into it. No promises that it will ever become a feature.
  • With both 17.1 and Nightly 20.1a not seeing "notification upon success"...is it working?

    Is working, checked "about:cache". Just no display.

    Thanks for the great add-on.
    It's strange that your notification doesn't show up because it should.

    However, Mozilla recently changed notifications a bit so maybe a new bug was introduced for some machines, I don't really know.
  • Very useful and functional add-on. Just a quick note that might be of use to those not seeing the button: in Firefox 16.0.2 (and possibly 16.0.1) the button defaults to the navigation toolbar, so if you don't have one displayed, you will probably want to move it from there.
    Hello there, thanks for noticing (and especially for reporting) this problem.
    I will look into it, hopefully it will be possible to check toolbar visibility before placing the button up there.
  • Great add-on! But the notification is not shown if Offline Cache is selected in Firefox 16.0.1.
  • Love it! However, it stopped appearing in the FF 16.0.1 release. In fact, I sent Mozilla a message..one of those..made me unhappy remarks. Honestly, I want this thing working!
    I'm fairly confident that it's a problem on your Firefox/machine. Add-on has been tested on 16.0.1 on various machines and shows no signs that you describe.

    Try uninstalling the add-on and then installing again, check if you maybe forgot the button inside "Customize Toolbar" window (even though since version 2.0 it should add itself automatically), check if some other add-on is causing the problem, ... it could be anything.

    You can also try installing some older versions of the add-on to eliminate the possibility that only 2.0 breaks for you. Here's a link:

  • Thanks for the keyboard shortcut. The empty cache button is now pretty much flawless. And I was very impressed with the speed by which you responded to my keyboard shortcut request.