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  • Siempre miro las propiedades antes de hacer click en CUALQUIER enlace. A eso se le llama sentido común y es el mejor antivirus. Por eso voy a desinstalar esta versión de Firefox y poner una más antigua, para poder instalar este complemento.
    Porque la mejor seguridad es saber donde haces click, no lo que te dice la aplicación que es seguro.
  • Eddig tudtam használni a legnagyobb megelégedésemre. Sajnos a legújabb 58.0 Quantum alatt nem megy, pedig a munkámhoz nagy szükségem lenne erre az egyszerű,de nagyon jó kiegészítőre.
  • It was a powerful tool I used all the time when it was a default part of Firefox years ago. Then mozilla maliciously dumped it. I used this add-on consistently when it worked and uninstalled newer Firefoxs and waited for this and other add-ons to catch up on new versions. Now I'm on Firefox57 and whole planets of add-ons aren't functional, only the most meagerly useful ones are running (and whole catalogs of useless and malware add-ons perfectly happy to be presented) but the more powerful non-user technician-level add-ons are not being updated.
    To grab strings of data I now have to drag through "Inspect Element" or "View Page Source" taking orders-of-magnitude longer when this add-on let me rapidly do it.
    It seems Firefox is trying to devolve to the level of other web browsers. When Chromium can run add-ons with functions that Firefox no longer permits it may be time to jump ship.
  • Geoff will you make this extension compatible with FF57+?


    Extremely useful for those of us that are using web for more then just browsing.
  • Is it possible to adapt this great addon to the new "web extensions" system?
  • any chance for update of this addon? cannot find any alternative… :(
  • Thanks @darfil! I've been missing this addon so much since Firefox disabled it, but now it's back and works like a charm again!
  • Indeed, version 9.1-signed works with Firefox 47.0.1.

  • download here:

  • Very necessary addon. Please fix this addon to be compatible with Firefox 47
  • In addition to Zeusa's modification to the install.rdf you will also need to change to false xpinstall.signatures.required in about:config
  • Change maxversion number in line:
    (file "install.rdf" inside extension)

    Or use this link (maxversion changed to 49.*) [105.1 KB]:

    ...it's working with Firefox v47.0 ! )
  • Please fix this addon to be compatible with Firefox 47
  • I really need this addon. There are reports that it can't be made to work with FF47... It can if you disable the compatibility testing.

    This gives me the impression that the dev just needs to change the manifest. Otherwise, anyone know of a better way to tell if a link is rel nofollow?
  • i tried old version and it worked!.. FireFox 46
  • just tried to install EP for a new FF 46 profile and it said incompatible and would not install, but it is installed and is working with my default FF 46 profile..
  • The addon has become incompatible

    Edit: the original author has told me that this add-on would not be updated because new Firefox (starting from Firefox 46) requires almost a complete add-on rewrite. Sigh.
  • An essential functionality for inspecting links.
    Much appreciated.
  • Great addon. It's strange that this functionality was removed from Firefox.
  • After I wrote an earlier review about "Element Properties" Version 8 being non-functional in new Firefox version 32, I emailed the developer, who quickly got back to me with a link to his newest version (v9), which fixes what FF32 broke. (If the version listed on the main "Element Properties" add-on page is still "Version 8", it will NOT work in Firefox 32). I installed the newer "Element Properties Version 9", and it DOES work perfectly in Firefox 32. You can get the newest version 9 (not tested yet by Mozilla as of the time this was written), as follows: At the bottom of this page, click "Version Information", then at the bottom of the box that opens, click "See Complete Version History". When clicked, the Version History page that opens includes "Version 9", which the developer released August 29, 2014. Mouse over "Version 9" to cause the "Add to Firefox" button to appear, then click it to initiate download and install. If a warning notice that the add-on has not yet been reviewed by Mozilla appears, accept the warning and click to install. Presto, after a Firefox restart, "Element Properties" again works. (After Mozilla reviews and passes Version 9, the instructions to access the Version History page will no longer be necessary - at that time Version 9 will be listed at the top of the add-on's main page for one-click install).
  • Nice. Needs updating, tho'.
  • Great, but why GIF frame counter isn't working?
    Should display, e.g. "GIF image (animated, 15 frames)".
  • Can you fix it so it works with 17ESR. Thank you.

    Some people can't leave things alone. They have a compulsive need to change things for the sake of changing them. Yes, I am referring to the FF developers. It is clear there is something wrong with them.
  • Version 8 (1/14/2013) fixes the problem with it not showing the file size due changes in the FF cache. I can confirm it now works with FF18. Keep up the great work! :)
  • Mozilla tries to make Firefox only replicate Chrome in every way it can (chrome doesn't have a properties window). This addon reverses Mozilla's insane decision to remove the properties window. Thanks for this, dev