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  • very good
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  • 很好用,写xpath变的超级简单,感谢分享
  • Para teste automatizado web, essa extensão ajuda demais para encontrar um xpath. Firefox Quantum poderia atualizar para poder utilizar essa extensão. Infelizmente vou ter que usar uma versão antiga para poder usar essa extensão.
  • muy bueno! por que no anda con qauantum
  • loved it
  • Great piece of software! it makes development much faster!!
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  • 好用!!!
  • Hi Guys,

    Simple and Easy tool. Highly Appreciated.

    But right-now, after the Firefox updated this add on is no more valid.

    The person/team behind this app. Can you please update as I believe many people are using this.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Been using it for the last two years. Fast and easy to use.

    By any chance can I run it with FireFox 56.0b6 (64-bit)? I cannot see it anymore after the update.
  • This tool helps my productivity like no other. Thanks!
  • I'm running windows 10 FF37 and when I right mouse click on an element, I don't see this add-on in the menu? I restarted FF. Help!!
  • This is one of the most efficient and easiest one I have seen so far. Is there any plan for updating it to webextension so that it's compatible with newer firefox versions?
  • Thanks for this addon !
  • First let me Thank you for this Wonderful tool...

    Secondly I am unable to Copy any Xpaths on Ubuntu 14.04 Lts OS for FF-48.0 Version. Please check onto it and if rectified would be of Greater help for most of the Ppl in QA UI Auotmation Industry including myself.

    Hoping for the Solution at the Earliest. Thanks Once Again.
    I'm afraid I'm limited to checking using Saucelabs' range of OS, which doesn't cover Ubuntu/FF48. With that said, on all OS/FF versions tested I've been unable to reproduce the problem. The only times I've seen this problem, its been caused by an issue with other addons or the Firefox profile in use. The easiest way to test this is to try and reproduce it using a newly created/temporary Firefox profile.
  • Very handy tool but i can not copy code. Pls help me ASAP
    The locator copy function is tested and confirmed working on every (non dev/beta) release I've tried. If it isn't working on your browser install, it's likely being prevented by another addon.
  • Hi i am getting locators but i am unable to copy the content from the window.
    If way is there please let me know
  • Must have .. practice should be done by seeing generated webdrivers xpath.I have tested most of xpath are accurately generated.
  • Very handy tool , must have for any selenium developer
  • Simply great addon 5 star
  • It works perfect, thank you man! it's really helps me with my automation tests, it find element locator of element which was not vievable for other tools , very cool! 5 stars
  • This add on is very helpful to locate correct element. Reduce time taken to find or write Xpath locator
    If the web element is duplicated it will show in not preferred Xpath list
  • Hi, this is a very good add-on and like one of the reviewers said, it worked for a while and then suddenly stopped showing up in the menu.

    That's a shame because it's the best I've found so far and it was really great while it showed up.

    I've tried different versions of Firefox (currently on version 46.0), resetting my extensions, removing and re-enabling my extensions but I can't use get the add-on to even show up in my menu.

    It'd be really great if you could help and many thanks for building this in the first place. Much appreciated.

  • Hi, This add on was working fine for me, but when I updated firefox to the latest version which is 46.0, it doesn't work. I've uninstalled 46.0 and installed version 35 but still no luck. any known issues?