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There is no formating possibility.

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It really help me to take some notes on some pages without using pocket/onenote/evernote, which would change how the page looks while still does not allowing you to edit the page.
Now this this add-on, I can easy edit and save pages to store some favorite articles together with my notes. To use it with "Edit Print" is a great combo. Edit sand save as pdf.

A little function proposal: what if you can embed some basic visual page edit toolbar such as color, font size, highlight?

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After installation and restart, I clicked the icon for several pages : the screen is quickly flashing and noting at all happen...

Incompatible version

Maybe your Firefox version is incompatible. It works for most people, try updating Mozilla Firefox and leave a review accordingly.

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It is really useful as it makes me able to remove the unwanted parts of the webpage before printing. Thanks.


Glad it's useful to you, and thanks for the rating!

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Sorry, I meant to translate the ressouce ;-)
I saw in the jid1-wXTpXAFHyklEng@jetpack.xpi an empty locale folder, but I don't know the file format and its contents.

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Well, there is only one string in the application and that is "Edit Page" as you hover over the button in the top.

I don't work on it anymore but I believe it is hardcoded so no I don't think you can change it, I'm sorry.

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I do not know how to reply to your response so I had to do so here.
I think the issue is the newest update. I no longer have the same toolbar and despite downloading your add on again, It is not accessible anywhere. I found something that day to suffice but I do favor your add on more =) Thanks.

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Try to right click on the bar it was on before, and right click and select "Customize...". It may be there and you should be able to drag it to there.

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Works just fine, and you can even copy styled text, so ex. copy some bolded or coloured text and then write new bold text by just pasting and then replacing those letters.

However I think the newest Firefox update slightly broke this. Now sometimes when I go to delete a paragraph-spacing, it crashes Firefox. It's happened consistently in the same spots on some pages I've been editing so there must be something going on... I was only using normal "p" HTML tags so, nothing weird.

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I don't have any issues with it, but I'll see what I can do. I'm also considering the colored/bold/italic text.

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Works as advertised.

Thank you to the developer for an excellent addon.

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It does what it says on the tin. A great little addon.

Note that, by design, all page edits are temporary. Even when editing a local, static html page (e.g. file:///c:/mylocalpages/default.htm), that the changes are not persistent (written back to the disk) by default, although the page can still be saved with File/SaveAs etc. Maybe a "Local Save" or a "Local AutoSave" feature could be added in the future?

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edit any page, really? After clicking on the icon and you did the editing, the changes does not take. The changes you made disappear as soon as you made the change. If it CAN edit any page, it would be an invaluable tool, a practical tool, and an excellent app to have.

You don't understand

You clearly do not understand what I mean. You of course are not able to edit any page as that would be "hacking". This is just client side and the changes do NOT actually take place.

Thanks for screwing up the rating of this add-on.

neat. simple text editor for any website Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

click icon to start, then begin editing the text on the website. then print, such as to pdf or save it as html full site or archive format. comes in handy for making website revision edits on the fly for review later. not really a website editor, more of a website text reviser.

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Firefox 31.0 - Firefox 32.0

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There is no extension icon anywhere after installation. Somebody decided to play jokes on people.


That shouldn't be the case. Sorry for the inconvenience. What version of Firefox are you using?