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  • cute!!

  • I like colors of this add.

  • 風 景優 美,心濶神怡。

  • Very attractive and I like colour and the colours selected. Mozilla Firefox however keep 'breaking' Eco. Which means I have to come here and reinstall it. That done, it is right as rain (for now).
    Not working completely with Firefox 60.0b5 (64-bit).

    I was browsing this morning and had the Eco theme on my browser window. I used CTRL/N to open a new window. NO ECO theme.

    Better yet, I have almost black border/tabs area and controls are drawn black on black. *Brilliant*

    On the Themes page under Add-ons, it says Eco theme is enabled. Correctly. But it not working on this window I'm typing on right now.

    I selected other themes -- they all work. When I enabled Eco again -- And now NONE of my windows show it.

    Eventually, I removed Eco and re-Installed Eco. The two windows open are working again. I opened a new window with Control/N -- Eco theme used.

    There must be something wrong inside firefox. The theme was working fine. then new widow fails, now new window Eco works.

  • This is a nice practical Theme that reflects the true beauty of an Eco-friendly environment.

  • cute, fun

  • sangaT BAGUS untok saya katakan

  • So goooooood

  • 清新,活泼

  • :speaking_head: i like it

  • very wooow

  • Very nice, Colors are pleasant, make text in menus easy to read. Love how the status bar looks, too.

  • Se ve muy bonito en Android!

  • Számomra a legjobb és ráadásul a linuxom alatt is tudom használni!

  • love it. spring time

  • It's beautiful

  • Vale, me encànta, ¿te vàle amìgo mio?.

  • Is beautyfull

  • I think I am in a forest, listen to the birds singing, see the grass and trees ! Great !
    And also "Happy New Year!"

  • Really bright colours. It reminds me of a fairy tale.

  • нравятся многие темы,но жаль что нельзя такую картинку поставить не только сверху,но и на странице Новой вкладки как фоновый рисунок ;-)

  • Like you have a garden in your browser literally ha ha!

  • awesome design

  • Freshness overload!

  • Very aesthetic!