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While this is a nice idea and what I've been looking for, it doesn't work in the way I expect and is thus limited.

I want to see the HTML markup in situ when I highlight some text and select an option from the context menu but it doesn't really do that.

To explain, I'm using Tumblr, a free blog hosting site, who recently removed all their markup options from their HTML editor. So you have to type in your own. I was hoping this plug-in would do the job for me but it doesn't work as expected.

Also, the markup options should be configurable and extensible. There's no method of adding more. I'd like to have blockquote and a few others.

It would also be nice if it was at the top of the context menu when text was selected.

Edit: It also doesn't work with Disqus. So it appears that it has trouble determining what is an editable text field and what isn't.

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Nice addon, makes what it promised.
But unfortunately most of forums doesn't accept this formatting
<strike>something</strike> will appear like here.
Is it possible to have like WolframAlpha approach - to get like image in such cases?

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This is really simple and really effective. Instead of typing HTML and fumble-fingering the close tag, this tool makes it easy to write comments on web sites that allow simple HTML markup, and do it reliably.

I'm going to recommend this for the visitors to my blog.

What it really need, though, is a blockquote.

Good idea

Thanks for the feedback!

The blockquote tag is a good idea.

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Really handy. Just went to check it on a blog, nice. Magic!


I appreciate the feedback!