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  • seamonkey 2.49.3 - не работает. Нет кнопки.
  • This extension is very simple to use and works very well with the latest version of SeaMonkey (2.49.3 atm) and using the 'old style' page layout of YouTube. Well done.
  • No download button.
  • es gibt keinen Knopf für den Download
  • Does not work on Seamonkey. No problems with my Firefox.
  • no download link
  • no download link
  • Good
  • This was a beautiful Add-on.
    It needed no strange permissions to work properly.
    Simple, unflashy, no "Video DownloadHelper-ADP" BS.

    Now it freezes the Download and to cancel it, you have to restart FF.

    What a pity
  • Никакой кнопки на странице видео нет, ничего не работает
  • No Firefox 49.0.1 baixa somente MP4 versões.
    Mas não baixa MP3 ? Ou outros formatos como FLV ou 3GP ? Porquê?
    Preciso baixar MP3 !
  • According to the description, this addon can download videos in 1080p. Unfortunately, it's just another one only providing 360p and 720p. (Yes, I made sure the videos I tested it with are available in 1080p.)
  • It used to work great until I re-installed my Fedora 24. Now, when I click on download MP4 on youtube, instead of downloading, it opens up the video on a new page, full screen! ???
  • Doesn't work. I see the download buttons at the bottom, but clicking them gives me VERY few choices (not anything like promised) and when I click one, it opens a new tab with NOTHING on it. No download, no nothing.
    the download choices depends upon the quality of video. Sometime some options are not available and thus are not shown.
  • Great! Worth Contributing! Saved me a lot of money! The perfect name! really the easiest!! :)
  • I don't see any button when watch videos on YouTube
    HI There!
    Can you please tell me which FF version are you using. The button normally appears on the bottom left of the video. Make sure that you dont have other video downloader installed. Let me know if you still see the issue.
  • Works with some videos - but with most it simply redirects the tab to a blank page.

    Pity - as it is awesome with the videos it does actually work with.
  • I thought I had a problem but Andy quickly , thanks, got in touch and I rethought the download ... turned out one of my security programs may have blocked it.

    4 stars only because software is never finished!

    Now installed and looks like it's well. Just what I wanted.
  • The plugin is NOTHING more than a scam! Nothing more than AD-WARE!!!
    How Come this is an adware? What ads does it shows you on daily basis after you have installed it and use it daily?
    Can you point something.
    Do not mislead the users.

  • What a great simple small app!
    It perfectly does as it says. I was able to download and save my favorite videos easily and quickly. Recommended!
  • It works as it says! Worth contributing for development! I switched back after trying a lot others.
  • not what expected based on the description. I like the idea and seeming ease of this add-on but am disappointed about the available choices of format to download as. The description states, "It simply adds a download button below the video player and dropdown options to download YouTube videos in FLV, 3GP, MP3, MP4, 720p, 1080p formats." but in the nearly 50 videos I've looked at, the only options I've been given were FLV and MP4, sometimes 720p, others 1080p and on a handful, the option for both 720p and 1080p. I've yet to see 3GP or MP3 as an option, and MP3 was the main reason I wanted this add-on. I know that I have a program already on my computer that I could convert them but if a description for an add-on states it will save in a specific format, then I expect to be able to save in that format and not need to convert it.

    Further, this is labeled as a No Restart add-on but the button to download a video did NOT appear until after I restarted Firefox. It wasn't as if when I added this to my add-ons that I already had YouTube open and needed to refresh the page. I didn't even open YouTube until after I got this add-on. But there was no download button. But after I closed FF and restarted it, the download button was finally available. Another problem I have is that when I clicked on the "Support Site" link, it did me absolutely no good as it took me to a link for a registry cleaner. If I had wanted a reg cleaner, that's what I would have looked for. I wanted the support site for this add-on. If I click on a link that says it is a support page for a specific add-on, that is what I expect to open rather than something totally unrelated to this add-on. So in light of these issues, I highly doubt I will keep this add-on, unless I can get answers as to why this is happening...mainly the issue of not having all the options to save as the description states.
    I know that MP3 is not currently working properly. For the other formats, they appear only if the video is directly convertible.
    Regarding the problem of norestart, I have yet to check this specific thing because wherever I cross checked, it worked fine.
    I will get back to you on this soon.

  • I installed Add-on Version 7.2 on German Seamonkey 2.33.B1 Build 20150223174142 on German WIN7 64bit. Everything works fine, Download-Link appears left from "Add - Share - More - Like/Dislike".

    Small disappointment: Only offers FLV 240p, MP4 360p, MP4 720p (sometimes even less). Promised 3GP, MP3, MP4 1080p seem to be missing (I tested 20 YouTube videos)?

    Suggestion: can the Download-Button get a Tooltip like the other options?
    Mp3 is not working great at the moment so it is missing.
    I will surely implement the tooltip thing soon and will get you an update.

  • Have downloaded and uninstalled, downloaded a second time, still no drop down button for downloading video!
    Only a drop to change Html 5, need help please.