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  • Works just like its chrome equivalent. Perfect!
  • Beautiful images and a great extension.
  • It misses the "show default tab" choice. Otherwise it's fine.
  • This would be a great extension if we had the option to add other things to the new tab as well such as ability to pin our favorite or most used sites with an icon like we can do in the normal Firefox new tab. I much rather have the option to just click to open a new tab and click on one of my pinned sites to open it than having to search through bookmarks, have a bookmark bar or type the site in the address bar. When you visit the same sites multiple times through out the day having to constantly open a new tab, not having that one click option can be quite irritating.
  • Beautiful images, quite distracting really but so worth it.
  • would be nice if i could search or enter url's in fullscreen mode! great extension tho!
  • I used this extension for years on Google Chrome and now that I've switched to Firefox I'm so happy it's here, too. Images pop up immediately without any lag time, and when an interesting image is displayed you can easily explore that location on Google Maps with a simple click. Recommended...
  • Simply beautiful