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  • اكثر من رائع

  • Lo bueno es que esta extensión hace su trabajo sin afectar el rendimiento de la navegación, al contrario la apertura de las paginas es más rápida.

  • its the only way forward people control

  • I love the rating provided for the site and the trackers detected, which also showed the source of trackers origin. I hope more information added to most of the trackers like they have for Google (advertising, analytics). Please keep it up and thank you for the beautiful extension!

  • Unfortunately I just found out that DDG is the reason why I cannot play games anymore on FlightRising. And I blamed them for it! Very embarrassing... Also I need to switch to Google too often when on a search, cus they have better results.

  • Nice.

  • Doesn't work with Waterfox... Please make it work on older versions of Firefox so Waterfox users can use it.

  • Great Extension. No tracking. No ads. Just search results.

  • Spy.

  • Extension doesn't allow user to pause its blocking of site content. Extension needs less control by provider and more options to users.

  • I had to come here to give a 5 Star rating for DuckDuckGo Essentials. You always hear about other privacy add-ons however I hardly ever see this little gem in those lists. I think that DDG Privacy Essentials has a very beautiful yet simple design... and I mean that as a compliment. Everything you need to see with just a click in the toolbar.

    I think this extension is the "Cherry On Top" of my Privacy extensions and wouldn't feel right without it. I currently use uBlock Origin, Privacy Badger, Decentraleyes, AND this extension... along with, ya know, a few other smaller extensions like "HTTPS everywhere", "Anonymous Google Search", and of course... "Cookie Autodelete". I like a few fetures of all of those depending on what information I would like to check. Sure, some may say it's overkill BUT that's another aspect that I HIGHLY enjoy... due to the fact that each add-on has options to fine tune it to be VERY light on resources... on my machine anyway (And sure my PC is nice but PCS these days are WAAAY better than mine considering 1 year in PC technology can be a gigantic leap forward in tech.

    Anyway, Great job. 5 Stars ALL DAY K K

  • So far so good.

  • Makes 100% CPU load with FF 60b on Fedora 27/28.

  • super

  • Great add-on.

  • I am disappointed. I expected results that would be relevant to my search, but it doesn't seem to be the case. E.g., my search line is in Ukrainian, the results are in Russian, leading to Russian websites. Are you guys kidding me? How does it make you different from Google? Btw, your "partnership with Yandex" has a bad smell - of FSB.

  • Bom

  • As an advocate for privacy and a fan of a free web, this add-on is essential.

  • very good site other anti trackers try to block it because it works better than they do found this out with ghostery
    app in firefox

  • inteligente y elegante

  • Works exactly as described. God bless DDG

  • This is a terrific application for everyone, and great for less technical users that may shy away from uBlock, uMatrix, etc. due to the additional complexity

  • Never had problems that people listed. I appreciated the grading system.

  • Sorry, I'm not very IT literate, but I do want to surf the internet without being tracked or providing any kind of info/data to any internet search engine or service provider...

    How does Duck Duck go use our data when they say???:
    Requires your permission to:


  • Breaks several websites, including sites I've written, by arbitrarily redirecting HTTPS traffic to HTTP traffic.

    Needless to say, that does not improve privacy.